Jane Austen and Upper-Class Society essays

Jane Austen, unlike other famous authors of her time, wrote of the people who belonged to the upper middle class of English society. Albeit exceptional, her works dealt with the woes not of the common but the privileged man. Her characters in the novel Persuasion are set in the early 1800s, in Somersetshire, Lyme Regis, and Bath. Austen is renowned for relatable characters, primarily because she refuses to hide their flaws. Each character is presented in the rawest manner; quirks and all. Where Elizabeth is prejudice, and Emma is childlike and foolish, Anne Elliot is smart, but malleable and easily persuaded in her youth.
In the period in which the novel is set, gender roles had started to become exceptionally defined and strict. Where once women could work alongside men, now they were expected only to sit quietly and look pretty. Women were thought to be women, not humans. This distinction made it necessary that they are given a different sort of education; one that catered to the preferences of men. Wollstonecraft's primary issue with the men of her time was highlighted in A Vindication of the Rights of Women. She thought that such education was principally incorrect and unfair. Accomplishments such as dancing, singing, drawing, and a command on modern languages did not prepare women for the real world; they only made them appear marriageable. Austen's works highlight the importance society of that time would place on such education, and especially the aforementioned accomplishments, and how characters that deviated from the social constructs of gender roles were ostracized and critiqued.
The protagonist of Jane Austen's Persuasion, Anne Elliot is presented to the reader as a young, intelligent and introspective girl who spends a lot of her time reminiscing and thinking. Anne is introduced to us as'only Anne' (5), the middle child, stuck in a family that does not appreciate her and treats her as one…

Pass-Fail Grading Systems essays

When schools use a pass-fail grading system to assess students in college writing courses, the students do not receive the traditional number or letter to show which grade they have earned. Instead, they are given a'pass’ or a;fail’ grade. Institutions that do this insist that it is an easier way of grading school assignment for the students and the faculty (Shulruf, 2015). Those who receive grades from C and above are graded as pass, and those who receive below a C will be classified as having failed. Pass-fail grading promotes laziness and with just two options to consider, teachers will have fewer options to choose from when evaluating a students’ performance.
Rowntree (2015) argues that educators need to understand that when a grading system that requires one to pass without giving the specifics of what entails a passing grade is enforced; will have students unmotivated to study harder to earn higher grades. Students will know that they have passed or failed based on the assessment of the teacher. When a student registers an A on their paper, they are validated for the hard work they put into attaining such a grade. On the other hand, a student who receives an F will be inclined to make more time for studying to get better grades in the next assessment (Rowntree, 2015).
When a grade is presented as a pass, it raises questions such as how high was the passing grade. The students need to understand the areas they are doing well and those they are struggling. This will make them better prepared for the life they face once they graduate from college. They need to know the magnitude with which they have passed each class taken to understand their active pursuits and where they should place more effort (Rowntree, 2015). It is unlikely for students to inquire the specifics regarding their grade which is detrimental to their academic and future career of choices.
A passing grade ranges from an A to a C. when a stude…

Design IT: Network Consultation Proposal essays

Design IT company recently purchased an office space for its operations. Space is a little bit small (about 56 X 36 feet) but as a designer, I have to ensure that the company equipment and all the staff fit into this space. For us to make sure that everything goes on in the right manner, we have to follow a precise chronology in which the office will be set up. The initial step for such a space is to ensure that the company equipment is transferred to the building; this will enable efficient arrangement of the little office space. In summary, the space purchased has one office, one reception desk, four cubicles, one conference room, and a reception desk. We have to use the little space provided to accommodate all the staff and equipment.
Space Distribution and Office Appearance
The four cubicles will be allocated to the employees, and the server room will provide all the three servers (Microsoft IIS Server, Microsoft Server, and Small Business Server). An office for the company’s manager is imperative. For the sake of the clients, we plan to include a reception desk and a waiting area. Finally, there will be one conference room that will be used for important meetings by the staff and executive. As a company, we plan to hire a receptionist and two designers that will enable the company to kick start our projects. In addition to the professional equipment, we plan to include a few machines like a fridge, toasters, microwaves, and so forth, this device will serve the employees and visitors within the company. Despite the fact that we have some furniture we may need to do some moving and orchestrating around to make everybody feel comfortable and welcome. The real work shall begin once all the furniture and equipment are in the correct place and arranged in a professional standard that can appeal to the eye. We strive to ensure the department is as attractive and enchanting as could be expected under the circumstances.
We will att…

The Parenting Style of Atticus Finch essays

As children, we often look to our parents for guidance and moral education. In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch teaches his children many important lessons. The most important lesson he teaches his children is to not judge others. Atticus teaches this lesson both directly and indirectly by defending Tom Robinson, hiring Calpurnia, and being a neighbor to Boo Radley. Atticus has good intentions and tries to project them onto his kids as they grow up.
First of all, Atticus decides to accept the case of Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is a black man who is accused of raping a white woman and the people of his two assumed his guilt based on the color of his skin. When Atticus’ daughter, Scout, asked why he took the case, Atticus explains that ;If I did not take the case I would not be able to hold my head up in town or even tell you or Scout to not do something again; (Lee 75). The townspeople have already judged Tom as guilty because of the color of his skin; however, Atticus treats him with the same respect that he would give any other man. Throughout the case, Scout realizes the Tom is not guilty and deserves to be treated equally and not with prejudice.
Secondly, Atticus does not only help out the black community, he also hires a black servant named Calpurnia. Calpurnia acts as a mother to Jem and Scout reinforces his lessons. One day, after scout picks a fight with Walter Cunningham, a poor farmer, Jem invites him over for dinner. At dinner, Scout thinks that it is weird that Walter pours syrup all over his food and confronts him about it. Calpurnia hears what Scout says and pulls her into the kitchen and says ;yo; folks may be better;n the Cunninghams but it don;t count for nothin; the way you;re disgracing;em; (Lee 25). There is a social class system in the town of Maycomb and Calpurnia tells Scout that it is not right to judge someone based on what …

Pain and Suffering in Nihilism and Existentialism essays

Pain is a physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury (Sire, 2009). In addition, pain can also be mental or emotional suffering which is sadness caused by an emotional or mental problem (Sire, 2009). In a hospital setting, it is well accepted that a patient's self-report of pain is the most accurate measure of pain (Ayasrah, 2016). "In the absence of self-report of pain, observational measurements can be evaluated as alternative approaches for pain assessment” (Ayasrah, 2016).
Pain has a direct impact on a person’s quality of life. For example, I once worked with a patient recovering from a car accident where her husband passed away. Although she was recovering physically, she still had mental suffering from the loss of her husband. If I had ignored her symptoms of mental suffering, the pain she was experiencing could have resulted in a negative outcome. This paper will discuss the meaning of pain and suffering in Nihilism and Existentialism and how to provide proper care for them during this time of pain. In order to provide comfort for the patient with either worldview, nurses need to understand these worldviews and be able to provide care that is congruent with their belief.
James W. Sire (2009) explains Nihilism as ;a denial of any philosophy or worldview ; a denial of the possibility of knowledge, a denial that anything is valuable.; Nihilist;s deny the existence of God and believe nothing in this world has meaning, and everything is just there (Sire, 2009). They believe human beings are conscious machines without the ability to affect their own destiny and with no purpose or significance (Sire, 2009). The Nihilistic view possesses many psychological problems because it denies what humans are called for ; meaning, value, significance, dignity, and worth.
Unlike Nihilists, who believe the human life does not have a meaning at all, Existentialists be

Three Reasons to Avoid Raising the Federal Minimum Wage essays

The federal minimum wage has increasingly been debated and poses a significant divide in our government and society. This paper aims to discuss and analyze three major issues facing this decision from an unbiased perspective. All information is gathered from scholarly, credible articles that provide information to support the claims made in the essay. The Federal minimum wage should not be raised to 15$ per hour because it will increase unemployment, it will fail to help the poor, and will hurt small businesses; thus the solution to this issue should be the EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit.
One proposed reason for the wage increase is that it is supposed to decrease unemployment.However, it will do the exact opposite.According to research by Mark and Jamie Partridge (1999), an increase in the Federal minimum wage to either $12 or $15 per hour, would not only result in higher unemployment rates but also longer periods of unemployment.The reasoning behind this is that significant portions of minimum wage earners are unskilled workers with no secondary education.These workers provide little value to the companies they work for in comparison to the employees with advanced degrees and skilled training.It would be these unskilled workers that would be let go due to the increase in labor costs.Companies are in the business to make money and be successful.To achieve this, they must employ people that are skilled and educated to make this success a reality.Because of this, these companies would put more focus on the employees who have skills and experience to leverage for the wage increase, thus leaving out the workers with little or no skills.A study conducted by Sabia and Burkhauser (2010) show that "during the years 1984-89 when three dollars increased the minimum wage, the unemployment rate for unskilled workers increase by 10-20% (para. 5)."
It's important to include in this discussion teenage workers….

The Pax Mundi – Peace, Courage, and Leadership essays

Herbie Hancock once stated, "World peace is no longer some pie-in-the-sky thing because no single person or country is going to solve it on their own." This idea reveals that within the world's conflicts and disputes, establishing peace would be such a miraculous global accomplishment. My mask, Pax Mundi tackles the significance of world peace, the causes of controversial incidents, alongside a theoretical solution to the issues. Additionally, it also includes the exceptional meaning that is conveyed through masks and how parts of them are commonly overlooked. In most cases, masks use certain colors or materials which could potentially depict a ritual, idea or belief. In short, my mask celebrates peace, courage, and leadership.
The creation of the mask was a very simple process that took approximately three days. Most materials were purchased from a local store, which included newspaper, aluminum foil, paint of varying colors, flour, and water. First, ten pieces of newspaper were scrunched together and were compressed gently on my face to have somewhat of a structure. Secondly, water and flour were whisked together to form a thick paste. Next, a large amount of strips of newspaper were cut out, dipped into the flour and water, and applied to the mask. Then it was left to dry, and in the meantime, aluminum foil was used to form triangular ears that were taped into the mask. Subsequently, I painted the mask with white, then painted the details with a thin paintbrush using the color black. Pax Mundi included a peace sign that covered almost the whole face which inevitably represents world peace. My mask doesn't have a mouth, signifying people that can't express their true feelings and opinion on a subject. Noticeably, my mask structure resembles that of a lion, emphasizing courage and leadership. Conclusively, the mask contains multiple characteristics that symbolize my opinion on certain subjects.

Cognition and Physiology Concepts of Amnesia essays

?An interaction between cognition and physiology can be demonstrated through the localisation of function of the hippocampus (physiological factor) pertaining to memory (cognitive factor). Localisation of function (LOF) is the theory that different parts of the brain correspond to different functions. In cognitive psychology, memory can be defined as the process through which humans encode, store and retrieve information. Removal of the hippocampus has been linked the onset of amnesia, memory deficit due to brain damage. This suggests the hippocampus plays a role in the consolidation of memories from short term to long term. LOF is valuable to neuropsychology and neurology as it informs our understanding of neurophysiology and allows us to identify biological abnormalities and their effect on behaviour such as within dementia. In this case an interaction between cognition and physiology is assumed, where the hippocampus enables cognitive encoding of information.
HM was a man who underwent brain surgery where his hippocampus and adjoining areas were removed by Dr. William Scoville, due to severe epilepsy. Milner’s 1957 case study of HM established that HM developed severe anterograde amnesia after the operation. Anterograde amnesia refers to memory impairment following brain damage that affects post-operative memories. HM showed an inability to form new long-term explicit memories. Long-term memory refers to a permanent store of information retrievable for later use, split into two types: explicit (facts and events) and implicit (skills).
Encompassed in explicit long-term memory are semantic and episodic memory. Semantic memories are those considered to be general knowledge. HM’s inability to form new semantic memories manifested partly through prosopagnosia pertaining only to those he met after surgery. Prosopagnosia is the inability to recognize faces, where the structure of a familiar face constitutes general knowledge (accor…

Rise of the American Political Parties essays

There have always been irrational views of our nation from the people. Some believed if you desire a strong federal government, you'll need to address the key factors; ease any national problems, establish a plan to activate industrialization and infrastructure, and develop a commercial economy which would help strengthen the government and its power. These factors were believed to be the sole of the problem, which led to relentless disagreements among Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both were members of Washington's Presidential Cabinet, and soon after working together, these two men went separate ways because of their disagreements. They both soon gained national attention and support from publicly addressing their different views about the issues or concerns within our nation. Another issue that arose in the conflict was the refusal of Washington coming to France's aid during the French Revolution and how did this affect his goal of national attention and support when publicizing his Farewell Address? These were a few of the many actions that created tensions over disagreements that soon led to the dividing of the parties in our country. The growth of political parties had arisen in the early American Republic because of antagonistic views on the arrangement of a national government and its power, plus the arrangement of national policies under our new nation.
The views between political successors were diverse when addressing their intentions to try to make our nation better. Tension between common people soon arose too, which was inspired by the conflict that started between prominent leaders over opposing views on issues within the nation. In Documents 1, 2, & 3 they explain Jefferson's views on Hamilton and Hamilton's views on Jefferson, and also the key differences between the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton briefly address their views for…

The New Wave of Populism essays

Western democracies are experiencing a period of change because of a rising wave of right-wing populism. The populists already had success in Britain with Brexit and the United States with president Trump, and their success seems to be contagious in the rest of Europe. Political leaders Marine le Pen from Front National in France and Geert Wilders from the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands are the next right-wing populist candidates favored to win. Both of them are forces to be reckoned with in the coming elections. These populist want to rebuild state-egoism by laying emphasis on the national politics and stop mass-immigration. The established western elite, who have been the ruling power since the Second World War, are watching with fear to what this new period is going to bring.
The sovereign rule of the people as a homogeneous body is the central idea in this thin-centered ideology or political doctrine (Abts, Koen and Stefan Rummens: “Populism versus Democracy”. University of Leuven, 2007 vol. 55) The word populism comes from the Latin word “populus”, which means the people. Populism comes in both right- and left-wing parties, but the current wave of populism is especially connected to the right-wing parties. The populist leader considers himself as the representative who knows the general will of the “ordinary forgotten people”. Their goal is to unite “the pure people” and to give the power back to them from “the corrupt elite”, who does not understand the middle-class (Mudde, Cas. Populist radical right parties in Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge U Press, 2007. Print.)
For the people in the nation who say the populist leader does not represent them, he has a clear response: they do not belong to the nation. Only those who agree with this “national will” do belong to the nation. They along with the elite form the “enemy” of the people and are the reason for the problems within in the nation. Crea…