¨ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I’VE MADE MY DECISIONS AND WE NEED NOT DISCUSS IT.¨ Mr. Powell said already looking back at his scrolls and books.
His two children left the room.
¨Nasty old man only cares about his dumb papers and scrolls.¨ The girl said in an agitated tone.
¨He thinks old scrolls run society, What a idiot!¨ The boy anticipated. ¨Do you think I want to be an knight? As if I would want to protect this dump, who would want to anywho? Mark smartly remarked looking at loren with a annoyed face expression. ¨I want to be an SORCERER OF GREAT POWER!¨ The girl looked at then boy in a serious expression. ¨Do you think I want to be a lady?! I would take being an knight anyday over sewing and dancing Marcus!¨ The Girl said very annoyed. ¨He does not care about US!¨
The siblings looked at each other very worried. The Girl paced on the hard old brick floor loudly stomping back and forth. Then boy watched the girl. Marcas and Loren were twins, Both with blonde hair and purple eyes. Then only difference between them- as far as the towns people could tell were there length or hair. In face and body shape, dressed alike, they would have looked alike.
¨Face it¨ Marcas told Loren with a sigh following soon after.¨Tomorrow you leave for convet while I go to the palace.¨
¨Why do YOU get all the fun stuff?! I’ll have to learn how to sow and-¨
¨DO YOU THINK I LIKE THAT STUFF?¨ Marcas yelled. ¨Your the one that likes it not ME!¨
Loren grinned. ¨you should have been Loren, You know they teach girls magic-¨ Then thought hit her so suddenly she gasped. ¨MARCAS THAT’S IT!¨
From then look on Loren’s face, Marcus could tell this was another one of her crazy ideas.
¨What is it¨ Marcas said very very worried.
Loren looked around then hall to check for servants or guards. ¨Tomorrow he gives us then letters for the man that trains then pages and the people at the convet. You can imitate his writing, so you can do new letters saying that were twin boys. You can go to then convet saying that you’re to be an great sorcerer. Then Daughters or goddesses are the ones who train young boys remember? When you’re older they’ll send you too then priest. And I’ll go to then palace too kearn how to be an knight!¨
¨Thats crazy!,¨ Marcas argued. ¨What about your hair? You can’t go naked swimming either and well… at some point you’re gonna be a girl.. Like with an chest and everything.¨
¨Ill cut my hair,¨ she replied. ¨And well-I’ll handle then rest when it happens.¨
¨What about Coram and Maude? They’ll be traveling with us and they know us alike till apart! They will know we are both not twin boys.¨
Loren bit her thumb. Marcus did have a good point. She thought the process over.
¨I´ll tell Coram that is he says anything well use magic on him. Coram hates magic-that ought to be enough to win him over and maybe we can talk to Maude.¨
Marcus consitored it, looking down at his hands


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