1. List the various ways the DIAD improves customer service?
• Connect the drivers to UPS Central systems for tracking and delivery.
• uses mobile wireless technology
• Captures customer’s signatures with ease.
• Time card information.
• UPS central and customer monitoring and tracking their packages throughout the delivery process.
• DIAG has built-in scanner to scan packages faster.
2. Write out the step a package takes from pickup by UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAG, the UPS Data Center and the UPS Package Center.
• Package gets to shipping location, package is weight and measure, delivery address with zip code the select the different way to delivering the package, etc. overnight, next day, more days or ground delivery, the shipping price, pay there or companies has credit account with UPS, them generate a label that has 2 bar code for all shipping information, the other square bar code have some digital information.
• Company sends the information to UPS center to schedule a pickup.
• Package moves to a small distribution center, if the delivery is less than 200 miles, they go ground delivery to others small distribution center, if not they shipping by Air to the world port hub in Louisville Kentucky.
• In world port hub the package is unload from plane a label is up on the conveyer the package during the entire sort process, the package is been scan few times, the after sort to the plane he operation planning locate in world port hub Kentucky, send the plane to the final delivery and on the delivery location they sort the truck to the customer.
• Driver get to the customer location scan and have the customer signature making everybody the delivery is been made using the UPS Data Center.
3. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems? List the different type of wireless connectivity and describe their function.
• The wireless communication is the key of the UPS business technology platform, because connect the drivers to the UPS Central Systems for taking and delivery of customers packages, the used of wireless technology in daily basic operation, and make UPS pioneers in this business.
• Used GPRS and CDMA, GPRS is an internet connection and CDMA is for making mobile phone.
• Acoustical modem to make a dial up connection.
• 802.11b wireless local network, better known as WIFI, to connect to internet to deliver package information.
• IRDA is an infrared port to communicate with a peripheral to computer or printers.
• GPS Technology helping drivers with customers address and UPS data center and operation center can track the location of the truck.
• Bluetooth wireless for the use of the driver personal area network.
4. Why doesn’t UPS use much more powerful and smaller smartphone like IPHONE or Android?
• UPS has invested over multi-billion dollars thru the pass 25 years, to create the DAID which is the key element of UPS business technology platform. They have customized it for their business making more reliable and efficient.
5. Why the DIAD V better than the DIAD IV?
• Roaming cell connections.
• Micro SD slot that expand to 32 GB of storage.
• Weights half of the size and weight of DIAD IV.
• Faster 1 GHZ processor
• 1GB flash memory.
• Color touchscreen.
• 3 megapixels camera.
6. How does UPS’s investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives describe in chapter 1?
• Information systems technology that UPS uses makes it more efficient and customer oriented. The technology of bar code wireless communication, large computer mainframe, internet, deferent type of software for example tracking, customer’s information’s account, calculating shipping fees, sales, accounting etc., and this information gathers in way like can be monitory for UPS senior management, mid management and operation management. With this investment in Information technology and the maintaining the information systems assume that the returns of this investment will be superior to other investments in buildings, machines or other assets. This investment on Information technology is a very important part for the success of UPS.


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