A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of College of International
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Batangas City
In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of
Science in International Hospitality Management specialized
in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations
Mendoza, Jesther
Ariola, Erich Jappeth
Balmes, Shiela Mae
Cena, Amiel
Cleofe, Aaron Joseph
Frago, Angelo Waggan
December 2018

In the Philippines, the higher education institutions (HEIs) cater to different educational requirements and needs, by socio-economic status, culture and even by religion. As the Philippine constitution mandated the higher education must operate within the policies and laws that protect and guarantee the rights of all the citizens in terms of education both in public and private institutions. The institutions ensure to promote equity, access, quality and relevance for the learners’ academic freedom. The Philippines is evolving since then. K-12 program is being introduced and implemented in 2012, it is a collaboration between the two agencies. The TESDA and CHED. The 2015 ASEAN integration, a promotion for a higher education institution to make a curricular review, faculty accreditation and upgrading learning system. CHED also embodied different tactical points, to expand quality education, to enhance the students and faculty competence, to promote excellence and to uphold ethical and innovative governance. (Carillo, 2017).

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In this current trend in education, eLearning is one of the fastest and easiest ways of learning. It also helps in different terms such us enhancing memory retention and improvements of grades. ELearning is proven as one of the best methods of teaching especially for the kids because it acts as both money, as well as a time saver. There are lots of reasons why eLearning system is beneficial; it believes that because of eLearning the retention capacity of a learner improves, studying using the method or materials that the learner is interested helps to retain the learning for a long time. In eLearning the learner can collect and store materials and resources easily, the learner can get any number of research material, samples and thru internet the learner van collects all of this and use to improve their knowledge. ELearning is also suitable for any type of learners, it is one of the best ways to provide knowledge to the students that’s who want to study despite any other commitments. (Perez, 2017).

E-learning is a way of learning using online setting. It is widely known in different organizations like corporations and schools, eLearning is the contradiction of a traditional classroom-based learning. This course or system uses wide variety of materials and techniques such as online quizzes, online games, surveys, presentation, video recordings, audio, discussion groups and many more. It can be published through LMS or learning management system. (What is E-Learning, 2018) It is also known as a network that helps to transfer skills, information, and understanding, and the act or process of education is formed to a wide range number of the participant at the different or same times. At first, it is not accepted wholeheartedly as it was anticipated that this way of teaching is lacked the element of human interaction. But, with the help of rapid growth and advancement of E-Learning with the help of technology, it is now acknowledged by lots of people. The researcher said that the presentation of the computer has a big part with the passage of time and the revolution, as this generation learn and enjoy using tablets, smartphones and other different gadgets it already has the important place in a classroom of learning. (E-learning Meaning. n.d.)
The students of Lyceum of the Philippines- Batangas are experiencing and using some online learnings like Tell Me More, Learning Management System (Moodle), Hospitality Professional Certificate (American Hospitality Academy), Hotel Industry Foundation and Introduction to Analytics and Korean Food.
Currently, eLearning system is introduced to the students of Lyceum of the Philippines –Batangas. This study may help and guide the school to improve its online learning experience both for the students and instructors. Likewise, this research study may also help the College of International and Hospitality Management Department as a guiding principle on how the students adapt in this newly introduced system. eLearning system has a big effect
both for studying and work. It may help in their future careers as a professional individual.
This study aims to assess the Effectiveness of Online Learning in Hospitality Programs: CITHM Students Experience.

Especially, it will (1) present the profile of the respondents in terms of program specialization, online learning program has taken, and year level. (2) determine the effectiveness of online learning in terms of usability, information quality, service interaction, instructor interaction, and usefulness. (3) identify the benefits of online learning. (4) test the significant differences on the effectiveness of online learning who grouped according to profile. (5) propose an action plan based on the result of the study.

On-Line Courses in LPU
Moodle is an effective school technique in engaging hospitality students in terms of technological aspects. Also, it enables students to be aware and knowledgeable about innovations and modernization that takes place in the industry. It can enhance the communication skills and writing skills of hospitality students in English which gives them the settlement of being easily understood by others. In our society nowadays, technology is given importance for its accessibility, with Moodle students can easily have their lessons and activities done. An interaction between students and teacher are most important of all, this can be a great help for teachers can upload their lessons which students can have an advance reading. The researchers believe that reading is the most powerful techniques where students learn, and moodle is a pathway for this to happen. This generation is fond of changes, with moodle new system of education is being done and pursued which encourages and challenged the abilities of the students. (Perez, n.d.).

Tell me more a strategic e-learning wherein students who are not that good in vocabulary can use and be well-informed with. English as a universal language spoken by many which sometimes tends to be wrong in terms of grammar, spelling or vocabulary, this application can be of a great support for students to express exactly how they feel. The main feature is that this e-learning is good for those who are only beginners, intermediate and also those who are advance who wants to know more words not that spoken by many. Most especially in today’s generation wherein people are given more emphasis on how well you communicate and precise the thought, tell me more would be a tool for understanding. (Sumerset, n.d.).

AHA (American Hospitality Academy), as an e-learning that is more focus with the hospitality industry, students will be given emphasis on their field of work. Not only for a good service that one can offer but also it provides lessons about how well can you work with others and your workmates. As an international e-learning that connects thousands of students, they are gaining learnings from other student’s perspective and experiences. This experiences can be of their school curriculum which other students can adapt and enhance. Also, this feature of reviewing quizzes the students tend to answer wrong, which they can change for a chance and through this they are more motivated enough to find the answer. (American Hospitality Academy, n.d)
KFood. In trend is what makes students be encouraged to be involved with. Samgyupsal, Kimchi, Black Noodle etc. this is the most popular Korean dish that some hospitality students are into. This module features an enrolment wherein students are able to watch videos about cooking their favorite Korean Dishes. In this video are chefs in Korea which proves that this e-learning is a must watched. Also, through the video presentation, students can physically do the cooking while watching for them to practically do the dish at home so they can be well-trained. Aside from the Korean dish, the students can also be aware of Korean culture, their diet, and eating habits. For hospitality students, this can be a way to understand guests and clients who are Koreans to give them quality service and be delighted. (K-food. (n.d.).

HIFIA (Hospitality Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics) for it offers an introduction to mathematics, Hospitality students are being given awareness most especially when it comes to budgeting. Strategic planning between hotels is also studied which can develop the critical thinking of students against competitors. Analysis of data can involve the gathering of information, which also enhance the student’s way of chronological skills. For a business or hospitality related marketing to be a success, benchmarking is one of the greatest aspects to be discussed. With proper benchmarking, a business can make a name for their chosen industry or field of business. In hospitality, most of the business has their own name already and it is a challenge for beginners to find its way of being in the top, this e-learning can be a way of giving suggestions and strategies of having a good benchmark o be ahead of the others. (HIFIA, n.d)
Usability and Information Quality
Through eLearning Design Theory, this joins best practices with educational help, the portfolio surveys for eLearning modules and also an instructional outline record. As contemporary training moves increasingly on the web, media has turned into a critical part of the conveyance of instructive assets in the case of enlarging face to face, mixed or separate courses. Planned as an asset for fashioners and engineers, specifically those honing in advanced education, the portfolio surveys best practices from a hypothetical and down to earth premise. This portfolio shows best practices for eLearning module outline and advancement. The mixed media eLearning module assumes a focused on the job inside the wide range of interactive media. Szucs,n.d.)
Inside clinical training, e-learning encourages an institutionalized learning knowledge to expand the clinical experience while empowering student and instructor adaptability. With the move of understudies from customers to makers, understudy created content is growing inside advanced education; be that as it may, there is inadequate writing assessing the effect of understudy created e-learning inside clinical instruction. The point of this investigation was to execute and assess an understudy created e-learning clinical module arrangement inside walking care clinical drug store encounters. Understudy produced e-learning could upgrade information and be decidedly seen by students. As e-learning keeps on extending inside wellbeing sciences training, understudies can be consolidated into the advancement and execution of this instructive device. (Nisly, Isaacs, and Walton, 2016)
The assorted variety of students in the classroom has extended fundamentally in the previous twenty years, in a cutting-edge classroom it is obvious to see students with particular learning challenges, develop students, students endeavoring to come back to work, and so on. This exploration will take a gander at the utilization of Information Communication Technology in Education by attempted an examination of how the utilization of ICT can help students, both advanced locals and computerized migrants. In this work, a scope of understudies will be acquainted with an e-Learning device to help in their learning of a particular subject, for this situation a little component of spreadsheet outline. The venture will utilize learning styles at the center of an e-Learning device created as a model of assorted variety. (Horan, 2013)
This examination takes a glimpse at information exchange and learning sharing procedures through the improvement of an e-learning framework which considers both the course material and the student capacity to give individualized learning ways to students that can be utilized in associations to prepare staff and is made accessible to workers over the corporate intranet and on the web, and is hence promptly accessible to individuals whenever anyplace. Data innovation has a significant job in best organizations and associations around the globe, most organizations are utilizing IT to diminish activity cost while enhancing client benefit by giving administration twenty-four hours, seven days a week and enhancing correspondence that enables keep to pace with contenders. The work will take a glimpse at the utilization of eLearning instruments to progress and upgrade information administration inside the association. (Muhire, 2012)
Online evaluations are an indispensable piece of eLearning frameworks that improve both separation and constant training. Albeit more than two-hundred and fifty eLearning applications exist, most instructive foundations are caught with a specific merchant principally because of the absence of in test-question sharing highlights. This paper features the development of eLearning frameworks while itemizing the two most conspicuous target test question guidelines, in particular, QML and QTI. An examination led among programming houses which are associated with the improvement of eLearning frameworks affirms the way that most applications make utilization of restrictive organizations and obviously demonstrates an absence of import and fare alternatives among different highlights. (Attard, and Byrne, 2013).

. A hypothetical model was assembled and three theories were produced to analyze whether the correspondence segment as an extended part of the e-learning courseware ease of use altogether and emphatically added to the three segments of the e-learning courseware convenience (principal, appearance, and data introduction).In light of a flood of research, this examination recognized four segments of the e-learning courseware ease of use: central, appearance, data introduction, and correspondence. The correspondence segment was viewed as an extended segment of the e-learning courseware ease of use. The gathered information was investigated utilizing a change based Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) bundle that utilizations Partial Least Square (PLS).An instrument was created and managed to subjects taking different e-learning courses.(Koohang , and Paliszkiewicz , 2015)
Service Interaction ; Instructor Interaction
As electronic verbal exchange becomes increasingly common, and as college students juggle study, work, and household life, many universities are providing their college students extra bendy getting to know opportunities, Classes as soon as delivered face-to-face are often replaced through online things. There is little lookup evaluating students’ ride and gaining knowledge. This find out about was to compare undergraduate’s preference for, and academic performance on, classification material and assessment introduced online vs in usual classroom. The things to do for one subject have been conducted face-to-face and the other online topics. A separate group verified that even through college students preferred the convenience of completing written things to do online their personal time, they additionally strongly desired to talk about route content material. (Kemp, ; Grieve, 2014,)
This finds out about explored whether or not learning-related anxiousness would negatively have an effect on intention to persist with e-learning amongst students with visible impairment, and examined the roles of three online interactions in the relationship between learning-related anxiety and intention to persist with e-learning. For this study, a comforting pattern of e-learning college students with visual impairment was once gathered in Seoul, Korea. One hundred and three college students performed the survey via email or telephone. The effects confirmed large associations between learning-related anxiousness and intention to persist with e-learning. Three sorts of on-line interactions had distinctive roles in and consequences on the relationship between learning-related anxiety and intention to persist. (Y., ; Lee, 2016)

The success of the community World Wide Web is the reality that it is a huge source of statistics storage that can be accessed by using anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world and that any administrator. The simplicity of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), used for growing interactive archives allows users (even these less experienced) to assist expand the database consists of archives on the Web. Another benefit of the community is that, by way of its nature, it affords a way to interconnect computer systems that have exclusive operating systems and additionally can display records created in a variety of current media formats. Accessing the Internet, genuinely penetrate into an enormous database, a community that spans the complete world, offering statistics and services of all sorts to all those who have a pc connected. (Oprea., 2014,)
Most universities in Egypt face many educational problems and obstacles that technology can help to overcome. An open source, such as the Moodle e-learning platform, has been implemented at many Egyptian universities. Moodle could be used as an aid to deliver e-content and to provide various possibilities for implementing asynchronous eLearning web-based modules. This paper shows that the use of interactive features of e-learning increases the motivation of the undergraduate students for the learning process. (. Samir Abou El-Seoud., M Et al., 2014)
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning is one of the things that should be considered to make a proper instructional and learning decision. Each pros and cons should be measured equal. There are lots of advantages of computer-based learning or e-learning when compared to the old way or normal face-to-face lectures and courses, but it also has some flaws disadvantages as well. Some of the advantages of E-Learning are it is an easy access way of learning the learners can study whenever they have internet and computer. Some of the disadvantages are maybe depending on the learners’ capability it may cause a lack of motivation for the learner and leads to poor study habits because the time is in the learner’s hands. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning system is likely knowing the merits and demerits of e-learning in making decisions. (E-Learning Advantages and Disadvantages., 2017)

Usefulness ; Benefits
E-learning is a new way of studying that can produce a manageable, practical and more accessible way of learning. It can accommodate the learner’s needs. While the lectures can be accessed multiple times, unlike traditional learning. E-Learning courses can be updated to make it relevant and to deliver lessons quickly. It can be customized depending on the learner’s capacity. E-learning can be customized depending on the need of the learner or organization. The same lecture is given to all audiences. E-learning cost lesser than the traditional way of learning since it saves time and money, the effectiveness of eLearning is proven by the institutions. It says that it can make the students inherit new knowledge. Since everything is online It consumes fewer resources, making it kind to the environment. (Gupta, 2017).

ELearning helps them to do their work easily. Instead of going to school they can do it at home by using their mobiles, tablets, or laptops. It will save more time. It takes an interest in those trying to find a balance between work, family, and education and it t is more affordable. These changes in performance can change slow learners’ motivation. Dealing with slow learner students asks for specific effort from an instructor or else the student can’t catch up on school. With eLearning, they can learn on their own. A thing that instructors’ need nowadays is a manageable way to educate learners. With the help of eLearning, it gives learners an opportunity to communicate with their teachers. It is more advantageous to educators because it allows them to understand more. (Ball, 2011).

Elearning includes the use of digital devices for education. It requires practice, delivery of information and urges students to communicate with other. It helps to increases the connections that support studying. Despite the remarkable difficulties presented, the discussion has attempted to describe the purpose of it on how should eLearning obtain a great impact on education. Elearning adaptation in other schools has improved teachers and students’ access to knowledge which improves the standards of education. This article which describes the advantages and disadvantages of eLearning implies the demand for its implementation in education for teachers, and learners to experience a new way of learning. (Arkorful, and Abiadoo, 2014)
The rise of online learning gives a whole new dynamic to the learning experience and the clichéd “no significant difference” in the outcome should be scratched instead researchers should dig deeper into the effects and causes of online learning that might surface once that it gains a significant footing and importance in all of the schooling in general. So it is only imperative that one should look into how it would affect us, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it. Namely, how it online courses are affected by internet connectivity, student’s computer knowledge, the place’s living conditions and/or remoteness things like these have an impact on how effective and or efficient an online education program or e-learning program will fare in the landscape of education. (Nguyen, 2015) The different aspects of a good e-learning program have different facets to it. To name a few: being familiar or easy to use, being accessible and such. How to design a good e-learning program is no puny task but it isn’t that hard either if you know which string to pull. Integration of IRL instructional material to aid the online material can be good, and the effectiveness of an e-learning program will really show if done right. Trying to add motivators or persuasive aspects like rewards systems or point systems can show as a good addition to just adapting a traditional style of teaching online. (Allen, 2016).

Now that online instruction or learning is gaining a footing in Educating the public research that was conducted in Wiley Research Academy looked into testing how it affects students in a randomized testing. Researchers involved wrote: “We found that learning outcome between traditional and online courses are essentially the same and students thrive the most in a hybrid type of course wherein there is a mix of traditional classes and online classes in one course. (Bowen, Chingos, Lack, & Nygren, 2013) Online learning is just as viable as traditional classrooms and the rise of hybrid-type courses won’t render human instructors obsolete against automated checkers and AI when it comes to teaching.

Research Design
This study is a descriptive research aims to determine the effectiveness of online learning in Hospitality Programs. It is a method designed to describe the participants in an accurate way. The researcher will use a survey method one of the main types of a descriptive research. (Kowalczyk,., n.d.). This research is designed with table, graphs, and charts so the reader can easily understand the given data.

Participants of the Study
The participants of the study are the 457 students or the 100% percent students who are currently enrolled in College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management of Lyceum of the Philippines – Batangas both 3rd years and 4th year school year 2018-2019.

Data Gathering Instrument
The main instrument will be used is a survey questionnaire. The survey questionnaire is adopted from E-learning: Investigating students’ acceptance of online learning in hospitality programs (Song, 2010) and the benefits of online learning (Dumbauld, 2017,) The questionnaire consists of sections. The first section is knowing the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of gender, program, year level, and e-learning programs/used: the second section is divided into five areas to effectively determine the effectiveness according to usability, information quality, service interaction, instructor interaction, usefulness, and the third part is to identify the benefits of online learning.

Data Gathering Procedure
The researchers are using learning materials and relevant materials such as previous thesis and internet articles. Upon the approval of the questionnaire that will adapt from a previous study, the researchers will distribute the questionnaire to all 3rd year and 4th year enrolled students of College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management of Lyceum of the Philippines –Batangas. The participants will be given instructions to discuss and clarify that the information was strictly confidential and for the main purpose of the study. The questionnaires will be carefully distributing, gather, tally, analyze and interpret to have a fair conclusion.

Data Analysis
The statistical tools that will be use in the study are frequency distribution, percentage, weighted mean and analysis of variance (ANOVA). This tools will help the researcher to tabulate and analyze the gathered data. Frequency and percentage will be use to present the profile of the participants in terms of age, course, year, online course that already taken. The weighted mean is use to determine the effectiveness of online learning in terms of usability, information quality, service interaction, instructor interaction, usefulness, and benefits. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) will be use in order to test the significant differences on the effectiveness of online learning who grouped according to profile.

Ethical Considerations
To observe the highly confidential nature of the surveys and interviews, no particular names are mentioned in the report. The identity of the respondents will not reveal except they are students of College of International Tourism Hospitality Management, third year and fourth year. No personal opinion will be given by the researchers, only information and result based on the data.

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