A professional identity is finding out the outcome from logical scientific process that improve a learning of your field of choice

A professional identity is finding out the outcome from logical scientific process that

improve a learning of your field of choice, that enables you to verbally express his or her

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capacity with anybody that is obsolete (Brott and Myers, (1999); Smith and Robinson, (1995).

As indicated by (Healey, Hays, (n.d.) “Within counseling, professional identity is a succession of

activities from an exploratory execution which advances developing mental procedure of

perception in your field of decision”. A professional identity gives the expert a chance to

characterize his or her job inside and outside of his or her profession. The author investigated

methods of insight and attributes of the counseling profession.

This paper will talk about roles and characteristics of an effective professional

counselor. This paper will investigate two professional counseling associations to inspect the

similarities and contrasts, as well as incorporate the necessities for licensure and


confirmation inside the state of residence. This paper will also consider the expansion in the

utilization of innovation and the impact it has on the imagination and execution inside the

counseling profession (Healey, Hays, n.d., 2014).

Counseling Philosophies

According to Lawson (2007) “The health of a counselor directly affects the nature of the

services that the clients get”. The wellbeing of the counselor considers the counselor’s

psychological, physical social, emotional, and profound wellbeing. For the counselor to be

compelling he or she should be a position of capacity and development. The counselor must be

well or grounded before he or she can help other with their psychological state. The possibility of

the key methods of insight in counseling are with respect to the counseling professional’s life

expectancy. The key methods of insight are to continue the counselor’s personal and

professional identity.

Resilience is based on the endurance that one has when coping with stressful or crisis


situations (Cherry, 2014). The profession requires that counselors apply their skills and strengths

to help others cope with difficulties and obstacles. The resilience includes the counselor being

able to cope with his or her personal problem as well.

Ongoing professional development

Marital and family specialists jobs are experts of psychological wellness that must have a

minimum graduate degree alongside the two years of clinical experience regulated. Marriage and

family therapist are prepared and authorized autonomously to perceive signs and indications to

treat psychological wellness issues alongside substance abuse issues.

The American Mental Health Counselors Association and the American Association for

Marriage and Family treatment compare about to some degree in certain ways. These affiliations

both have ethics for instruction and preparing, clinical practice and show experts moral.

The American Mental Health Counselors Association helps in expert improvement of

counselors proceeding with training, measures of training and research, according to the Council


for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational projects (CACREP), information and

aptitudes, post degree and pre-licensure issues, lawful and moral issues (AMHCA, 2013). The

counselors affiliation compared with the American Mental Health Counselors Association

created principles for education, preparing for Marriage and Family Therapists.

Licensing and Certification
Marriage family treatment is a specialty branch of treatment that centers around dynamics

that happen between people who have connections together. A person that wishes to become

licensed as a marriage family specialist in state of North Carolina must have no less than a

graduate degree in the field of marriage family treatment from a perceived program. A graduate

degree in a related field will be acknowledged whether the candidate has taken the post-

qualifying degree preparing as required. Each individual that is looking for a permit in marriage

family treatment in the state of North Carolina must pass the National MFT examination.

A person must have no less than 1500 hours of clinical experience that is supervised and 500

hours can be obtain at the time that the candidate was a student in a qualified graduate degree

program. The remaining 1000 hours must be acquired after accepting their degree. No less than

200 hours of endorsed supervision hours are required for licensure. If the 200 hours are obtained

while the candidate is a student then he or she will only have 25 extra hours to obtain for the


Professional Development

Professional development is characterized as the way toward acquiring acquisition skills,

learning, quality properties and experience for self-awareness that permits you to push ahead and

advance in your vocation. The areas that impact my current and future professional development

are : obtaining an appointment for work, particularly an imperative occupation, considering a

solid inclination that you should complete a specific kind of employment.

Impact of technology

The use of technology has made the society’s approaches to enhance creativity and

performance in counseling. In many years that innovation has been utilized to upgrade the


typical routine with regards to directing through the headway and sharing of data among the

experts (Skovolt, Grier, and Hanson, 2001). The counseling profession utilizes innovation for

correspondence, preparing, treatment and diagnosis.


In conclusion, the study of professional identity not just enveloped the understanding that

outcomes from a formative procedure in a chosen field. Knowing that the wellbeing of the

counselors psychological, physical, social, enthusiastic and profound wellbeing must be

utilitarian to be perfective. Having flexibility of perseverance to adapt to pressure and emergency

circumstances is a noteworthy piece of a counselors vocation.


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