Assessment 1 – Reading Task

Assessment 1 – Reading Task (15%) MARKING CRITERIA
Academic Writing PWRP0001 – RUBRIC
High Distinction
(Exemplary/Exceeds expectations)
80+ Distinction:
(Above average)
70-79.9% Credit:
(Good/meets requirements)
60-69.9% Pass:
50-59.9% Fail
(Does not meet requirements)
< 50% Mark %
30% Exceeds expectations in understanding, interpretation, and condensing of information from article 24+ Above average understanding, interpretation, and condensing of information from article
21-23.5 Good understanding, interpretation, and condensing of information/ideas from article for the most part
18-20.5 Developing skills in understanding, interpretation, and condensing of information from article; sections need work 15-17.5 Unsatisfactory understanding, interpretation, and condensing of information from article <15 /30
Understanding of Topic Materials and Assessment Purpose
Thorough and deep understanding of topic materials. Thoroughly addresses assessment requirements in an informed and critical way 20+ Above average understanding of topic materials. Addresses assessment requirements in an informed and critical way
17.5-19.5 Good understanding of topic materials. Mostly addresses assessment requirements, may occasionally be off-topic, but key message is evident 15-17 Developing understanding of topic materials; adequate communication of topic ideas. Adequately addresses assessment requirements; may be off-topic in sections, but key message is satisfactory 12.5-14.5 Little/no understanding of topic materials. Has not adequately addressed assessment requirements;
< 12.5 /25
Critical & Reflective Thinking
Exemplary evaluation of information and ideas, sound evidence of critical analysis – writing almost always exceeds restatement 16+ Above average evaluation of information and ideas, some evidence of critical analysis – writing often exceeds restatement
14-15.5 Good evaluation of information and ideas, evidence of some analysis – writing sometimes exceeds restatement
12-13.5 Developing skills in evaluation of information and ideas; writing is often restatement but demonstrates reasonable skills
10-11.5 Does not meet requirements in evaluation of information and ideas; restatement often off topic, skills need attention
<10 /20
Written Expression
25% Exemplary expression of on-topic ideas: very clear, logical and concise. Exemplary grammar, spelling and punctuation features. Highly creative use of vocabulary
20+ Above average expression of on-topic ideas: clear, logical organisation. Above average grammar, spelling and punctuation features; insignificant errors. Uses vocabulary with creativity
17.5-19.5 Good expression of ideas, mostly on-topic. Good grammar, spelling and punctuation, may have some errors. Good use of vocabulary; some sections may need work. Mostly within word count (may be small deviation) 15-17 Developing written expression, may be sections with lack of clarity.

Satisfactory grammar, spelling and punctuation. Reasonable vocabulary, room for improvement. Some answers slightly over/under word count 12.5-14.5 Does not meet requirements – unsatisfactory/poor expression, frequent errors in grammar/ spelling/punctuation. Vocabulary, needs attention. A number of answers above or below word count
<12.5 /25
Subtotal: Subtotal: /100%
Deductions: Late penalty 10% per day Late penalty deduction (10 marks/day): ____ /100
Final mark: /100 /15
Tutor FEEDBACK: Assessment 1 – Reading Task
(15% of your overall mark)
Please see Blackboard for details and instructions before answering the questions below.

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Assessment 1
Reading Task Worksheet
Write each answer underneath each question; answers are in full sentences unless otherwise indicated. Leave a line after each answer. Adhere to word counts (when given).

Name the author/s of your chosen article.

The authors of the article are Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson.

Who is the primary audience for the article? Why? (Give reasons for your answer, providing clear evidence from article). Avoid giving multiple answers – state a single audience.

According to skills taught in the topic documents, what are some of the visual features of an academic article that can assist understanding of the article? (e.g., aspects of layout, font style, etc.)
Which two of these features helped you the most whilst reading the article for this assessment? Briefly explain how they helped you.

Word count: up to 100 words.

The visual features of an academic article are headings and graph. The heading on the article with bold and colour that created more stand out. It helped to identify the main ideas and content of the article before reading throughout articles. There are the separate sections of text for every each heading which is explicit and easy to read in a minute. The graph included the labeling, comparison and indicates the relationship between two variables and how the data is changing in the period of time. It helped the readers to have the better understanding and memorising the data by visually rather than read the statistic information.

Using the Reflective Thinking techniques explored in Topic 2, discuss your reaction to reading your chosen article. (Please address the following: What did you already know about the topic? What did you learn about the topic? Did anything surprise you in the article, or was it what you expected it to be? What personal connections can you draw with the content of the article?)Word count: 150 words +/- 10%.

In the article, Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson.Adolescent and college student
Minimum legal drinking age of 21 years old
College presidents public debate on the mnimum legal drinking age and proses reducing it to 18 years
camgpaign will help young adults aged 18 to 20 years make healthy decisions about alcohol and lead to reductions in drinking and its negative effects
underage drinker drink on fewer occasions but when they drink they arem more likely to binge drink
harms caused by underage drinking, to stop and reduce drinking among youths
many states lowered the minimum legal drinking age with reducing minimum age to vote during Vietnam war
College students likely to engage in heavy drinking than their peers who do not attend college with 2 in 5 students nationally enage in inge drinking on at least 1 ocassion in the 2 past d weeks
about 3 quarters of college studets aged 18- 20 years drank alcholol in the past year.

they are less likely than their peer of legal drinking age to and to enage in binge drinking
the heaviest drinking vcollege students are more likely to have been heavy drinkers in high school
college students are heavy drinker as group but drinking behaviour varies widely by college
college environement that afford easy access to low cost alcohol
135 colleges and uni have signed on for a publice debate about lowered the minimum legal drinking age to 18 years
now drinking age of 21 is not working to stop youths from using alcohol and experiencing the negative consequences of drinking.

drinking of 21 improvements in motor vechile safety and not the change the drinking age
youths aged 18 020 being driven underground by the drinking age away from the bars (more cardully monitored) to private parties – less safe
college president express that unsafe drinking environment give increase in alcohol posion death (intoxincated) to youths
argue about other countries that the adults (18-20) drink more respoible where drinking age lower
higher drinking age associated with lower ranks of alcohol consumptions and other alcohol related problems
lower drinking age concluded that the legal drinking age don’t save lives
legal buy alchol before 21 were likely than those who could not meet criteria for alchol use disorder or another drug use
legal drinking age 21 saved more than 800 lives annually among youg adults (18-2)
lowered drinking age will reduce binge drinking
Describe the author’s/authors’ main argument or main point of view in the article. Your description must be identify which side of the argument the author supports. You must provide evidence from the article to support your claims. (In academic essays you are always required to give supporting evidence).

In your own words, briefly state 2 of the most convincing issues raised by the authors in support of their point of view:


Using knowledge gained from Topic materials, explain why this article is an acceptable source to use for a university assessment.

Word count: up to 100 words.

This article is an acceptable source used for a university assessment. The qualified author, Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson have experienced and knowledge in this field as they had been researching based on youths who drink alcohol and drug abuse, and teenager’s health condition, health promotion, preventing obesity and alcohol from harm respectively. Dr Wechsler has published over 200 journal articles based on alcohol abuse and high-risk behaviours in the teenagers. They both included the abstract, footnotes, the reference list which they use reliable sources from the expert.
Does the author use facts or personal opinions to substantiate ideas? Explain your answer.

The author, Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson did not use the personal opinions however they provided the facts to support the ideas. For instance, they provided the statistic data of motor vehicle fatalities with alcohol for 16 to 20 years old compare to 21 to 24 years old.

Write a summary of the main ideas outlined in the article, using your own words. (Use summary writing techniques as taught in topic materials). Use third person viewpoint. (Warning: don’t describe the article).

Word count: 150 words +/- 10%.

Discuss the reading strategy (as described in the topic documents) that you used for your chosen article, including aspects of the strategy that you found helpful and unhelpful. (Please note: in this answer you will demonstrate your understanding of the reading techniques/processes described in the topic documents). Include a discussion of how you intend further develop your academic reading skills. (Hint: give specific information, rather than just stating something like “I intend to work hard on improving my skills”). Ensure your answer shows your knowledge of the information in the Topic materials. Word count: 150 words +/- 10%.

I found the reading strategy unhelpful for this particular article. I have a difficulty understanding and lack of knowledge about the content of the article. I am not familiar with the vocabulary and find it difficult to not understanding the word meaning. I would have to read the article many times until I fully understood. It took me over hours to understand what the article is about. I will intend to practice more reading on the variety of book, article, journal and such, and find the meaning of vocabulary that I do not understand. It will enhance my reading skill and understand the background knowledge of the text.


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