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Alternate ending to the play
(In LUCY’S boudoir. LUCY is laying down in her bed and VAN HELSING is going to try and put her under a hypnosis test to see if they can find Dracula’s last hiding place. As he is doing that SEWARD and HARKER are just watching him with great anxiety.)
VAN HELSING: Ok, Miss Lucy listen to my words and hear my voice. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Now close your eyes and sleep. Do you hear me, Miss Lucy?
LUCY: Yes.

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VAN HELSING: Ok. (as he now turns to talk to MR. HARKER) Now, Mr. Harker, I believe that since he has entered her mind, she will have access to his. And by questioning her under hypnosis we may learn where to find him. (turns back to MISS LUCY) Miss Lucy.

LUCY: Yes.

VAN HELSING: I want you to go through your thoughts in your mind, to where Count Dracula is. Can you do that?
LUCY: Yes.

VAN HELSING: Ok do that now please.
(As LUCY goes into a trance to access her mind her body begins to stiffen. This goes on until her body is perfectly straight)
VAN HELSING: Are you there now, Miss Lucy?
LUCY: Yes.

VAN HELSING: Can you tell me, what you see, Miss Lucy?
LUCY: I see darkness. Everything is just dark.

VAN HELSING: Do you notice anything. Are there any unusual smells?
LUCY: Its damp and cold and it smells like moldy earth.

VAN HELSING: Do you hear anything?
LUCY: It is very quiet. Almost to quiet.

VAN HELSING: Where are you now Miss Lucy?
LUCY: I am with him.

VAN HELSING: Where is he?
(DRACULA is now taking over LUCY’S mind as she starts to repeat what DRACULA is saying to her)
LUCY: Blood of my blood. Flesh of my flesh.

VAN HELSING: Miss Lucy, where are you what is going on?
LUCY: Kin of my kin.

VAN HELSING: It’s no use. He is trying to take over her mind and is over powering my hypnosis.

LUCY: Most beloved of all.

VAN HELSING: Miss Lucy, listen to my voice and come back to this room.

LUCY: My beautiful bride.

VAN HELSING: Miss Lucy! you need to focus on my voice can you hear me!
LUCY: When I say come . . .

VAN HELSING: Miss Lucy you need to come back to this room, now!
LUCY: . . . you will cross land and sea to do my bidding.

VAN HELSING: Miss Lucy, it was I who sent you there. You must obey my command to return.

(Slowly, with great torture and struggle, LUCY returns. VAN HELSING snaps his fingers.)
Miss Lucy, wake up, wake up!
HARKER: Enough! No more of this!
LUCY: (Coming out of the trance) John?!
HARKER: It’s all right, darling. I’m right here.

LUCY: Oh John, such dreams. I could see through my eyelids.

HARKER: Van Helsing, we are leaving here. Now!
VAN HELSING: But, Mr. Harker–
HARKER: No! Enough! We will no longer be your bait. Lucy has suffered enough. I have suffered enough!
VAN HELSING: But, Mr. Harker, where will you go?
HARKER: Anywhere! We are obviously not safe here. At least at home we shall not be bullied by you.

VAN HELSING: How will you protect yourselves?
HARKER: As best we can. Here, darling, put this on.

(HARKER has moved behind Lucy and he now starts to hang a crucifix about her neck. When it touches her, it smokes, LUCY screams and tears it away. It leaves an ugly, cross-shaped burn on her breast-bone.)
VAN HELSING: My God! It’s worse than I thought.

LUCY: Unclean! Unclean! Even the Almighty shuns my polluted flesh.

VAN HELSING: Hush, Miss Lucy, hush. That is not so. Don’t even say it. Don’t even think it.

(LUCY continues to sob. VAN HELSING takes out an ointment, kneels before her, and spreads some on Lucy’s burn.)
Here, this will at least make the pain go away.

(VAN HELSING, almost in tears, slowly gets to his feet. He examines his sad, beaten, little group. HARKER, once again, stands in stunned silence; SEWARD is near the end of his strength and his sanity; LUCY sobs pathetically.)
My friends, I must tell you the truth. I do not know if we can do it. The next time, he may kill us all. He has far greater power even than I thought. But I must also tell you that if we don’t destroy Dracula, Miss Lucy is lost.

LUCY: Yea, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

VAN HELSING: What? What did you say?
LUCY: (Puzzled) I said nothing.
VAN HELSING: Did you hear, gentlemen?
HARKER: She quoted a portion of the Twenty-third Psalm.

LUCY: Did I?
VAN HELSING: A temporary reversal to the hypnotized state.

LUCY: Oh yes, I was hypnotized, wasn’t I? Did you learn anything, Professor?
VAN HELSING: I learned how precious you are, Miss Lucy. You must forgive me for the suffering I have caused you. Gentlemen, we cannot give up. Give me one more day of your faith, and I swear to you, I will find a way.
SEWARD: But we can’t leave Lucy.

VAN HELSING: No, she must go with us.

LUCY: Please, Harker, it’s the only way. We started together, let us stay together.

HARKER: Oh, very well.
VAN HELSING: We shall have to move quickly. Our terrible work must be done by sunset, or we lose all advantage and, perhaps, our lives. So, go to your rooms and make yourselves ready. We shall reconvene in the front hall in fifteen minutes.

I have it. I could not speak in front of Miss Lucy, but I know the way into his lair.

VAN HELSING: Think. She recited the Twenty-third Psalm. Where have you seen that lately.

SEWARD: My God! It’s inscribed over the entrance to that tomb near the chapel at Castle Carfax.

VAN HELSING: Exactly! That must be the way in. There must be an underground passage from the tomb to the vault underneath the chapel. We have him now!
(The LIGHTS fade.)
Act III Scene II
(The crypt. Darkness. VAN HELSING, SEWARD, LUCY, and HARKER are seen approaching. They carry lanterns which are the only visible source of light. The bier-like box of earth on which Dracula rests in is hidden in such a way that they don’t see it immediately. A smell fills the air.)
SEWARD: Van Helsing, these tunnels are endless. We should go back. We may be lost. We must not be down here with him after sunset. There is always tomorrow.

VAN HELSING: Not for me. I cannot hold you, but I go on. I must. I must!
(LUCY has continued and now stands with her light directed at the bier.)
(VAN HELSING and SEWARD move quickly, but cautiously to the bier and begin removing, first the covering, then a black cloth that covers Dracula’s body. LUCY becomes very anxious and begins a cat-like pacing.)
LUCY: It’s all right, Harker. It’s all right!
VAN HELSING: We must hurry; it nearly sundown.

(LUCY’S anxiety grows.)
HARKER: Professor, I’m taking her out of here.
LUCY: No, Harker! I’ll stay. I must!
VAN HELSING: She stays. It is her right. We do this together.

SEWARD: My God! Look at him. I still can’t believe it’s possible.
VAN HELSING: Let us proceed quickly. Mr. Harker, the hammer. Dr. Seward, the stake.
(VAN HELSING has removed the hammer and stake from the satchel and hands them to the other men. LUCY is still anxious, though she seems to be under control. VAN HELSING stands near Dracula’s head and begins to read from a prayer book.)
Libera me, domine, de morte aeterna. In die illa tremenda: quando caeli movendi sunt et terra: dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem–
DRACULA’S VOICE: Flesh of my flesh. Blood of my blood. Guilt of my guilt. Speak and be manifest!
(At the sound of Dracula’s voice, SEWARD and HARKER, who have taken up positions on either side of Dracula’s body and are about to strike, are frozen. Suddenly, there is a flash of crimson subterranean LIGHTNING and a simultaneous clap of THUNDER. SEWARD and HARKER are both knocked to the ground, causing them to lose the hammer and the stake. LUCY has fallen to the ground and is squirming in torture. Though shaken, VAN HELSING remains the only thing standing. He analyzes the situation. He sees the hammer, picks it up, and turns to find the stake, only to discover that LUCY has picked it up and is now behaving very much like one of Dracula’s brides. He puts the hammer in one of his hands and with his free hand he moves to take the stake from Lucy. With a cat-like growl, she draws back, then threatens to stab Van Helsing with the stake.)
(LUCY turns and starts to run from the room, taking the stake.)
(LUCY stops at the periphery, turns and screeches at Van Helsing.)
VAN HELSING: Lucy! The choice is yours.
(VAN HELSING returns to his original position over Dracula and continues his recitation.)
Tremens facto sum ego, et timeo, dum discussio venerit, atque ventura ira, quando caeli movendi sunt et terra. Dies illa, dies irae, clamitatis et miseriae; dies magna et amara valde.

DRACULA’S VOICE: (Over Van Helsing’s recitation) Lucy, my darling, you have served me well. Flesh of my flesh, death of my death, this life is no longer than the space between two heartbeats. I give you eternity. Come into the night, the darkness. Come to me my love.

(One of Dracula’s hands begins to move slightly as his body begins to waken. LUCY goes through a great struggle, being torn one way, then the other. Part of her wants to carry the stake away to save Dracula, the other part of her wants to give it to Van Helsing. Finally, as the music amplifies, and with a great final effort, LUCY runs to the bier, places the stake over Dracula’s heart, and with three mighty blows, VAN HELSING drives it in. A great WHIRLWIND escapes from Dracula’s chest. LUCY turns to VAN HELSING. They embrace and are bathed in a warm rosy LIGHT as the music raises to its final climax and draws to a close. The LIGHTS fade to black.)
Definitions and meaning to the words and prayer used in the play
What does Libera me mean?
Libera me. (Redirected from Libera Me) Libera me (“Deliver me”) is a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead and at the absolution of the dead, a service of prayers for the dead said beside the coffin immediately after the Requiem Mass and before burial.
https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Libera+me%2c+Domine+song&view=detail&mid=072D1B9C8EFAAB6C457D072D1B9C8EFAAB6C457D&FORM=VIREhttps://lyricstranslate.com/en/libera-me-deliver-me.htmlLibera Me
Libera me, Domine. De morte aeterna. In die illa tremenda: Quando caeli movendi sunt et terra: Dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem.

Tremens factus sum ego, et timeo, Dum discussio venerit, atque ventura ira. Quando caeli movendi sunt et terra.

Dies illa, dies irae, calamitatis et miseriae. Dies magna et, amara valde. Dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine: Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Libera me, Domine. De morte aeterna. In die illa tremenda: Quando caeli movendi sunt et terra: Dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem.

Deliver Me
Deliver me, Oh Lord. From everlasting death. On that terrible day: When heaven and earth are shaken: When You come to judge the world by fire.

I am trembling, and in fear, Until the reckoning to come, and wrath to chance. When heaven and earth are moved.

That day, that day of wrath, of calamity and misery. A great day and, an exceedingly bitter one. When You come to judge the world by fire.

Eternal rest grant to them, Oh God: And the perpetual light shine upon them.

Deliver me, Oh Lord. From everlasting death. On that terrible day: When heaven and earth are shaken: When You come to judge the world by fire.

Reconvene: Synonyms for Reconvene: v. •meet (verb) reunite. •reunite (verb) join, reassemble, meet again. Other synonyms: •meet reunite. •reunite reassemble, reassembling, reassembles, reconvened, meet again.

Detains: keep (someone) from proceeding; hold back.

Bier: a movable frame on which a coffin or a corpse is placed before burial or cremation or on which it is carried to the grave.

Subterranean: existing, occurring, or done under the earth’s surface.

Periphery: the outer limits or edge of an area or object.

Recitation: the action of repeating something aloud from memory.


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