FVM ICE LAND A Business plan is the written description about the future of a business

A Business plan is the written description about the future of a business. A business plan will include how a company decides to do a business and how will they do it. FVM Iceland is a retail business which will be providing all types of ice products like varieties of ice creams, bubble tea, shaved ice under one roof. FVM ice land will be the first shop in this island to open a shop like this.

Maldives is a country with year-round hot tropical climate. And generally rain falls in June and july, rarely temperature falls below 25C it can be said one of the best place to sell cold item. There are no particular business which sells large variety of cold items. Very few choices are available to customers. Shops will be selling either one or two variety of items. However Mv Iceland’s main aim will be to deliver customers a quality and variety of ice products.
The business will deliver starting from ice creams to all kind of cold items like bubble tea, shaved ice, frozen yoghurt and many more. The idea is to sell as many varieties as possible.
Short term objective of the business will be to establish business in the most populated islands of Maldives. Which includes Fuvahmualah city, addu city, hulhumale and Male’ city, the capital of Maldives. These four islands include a high rate of young people as these places are highly developed compared to the other islands of Maldives. And also a lot of people have been migrating to these island for the better education, medical reasons and employment.
Long term objective will be to capture all the possible markets which can be captured in Maldives. This will be a lot difficult as there is the chance of new competitors to enter the market.
Market Opportunities
Market Analysis
It is the process of gathering information about the factors that influences the market. Market analysis identifies the measure of the market both in volume and in Value, the different customer portions and purchasing behaviors, the Competitors, and the barriers to entry and exit the market.

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Overall market
While assessing the size of market it depends on which size of the business it is. Eventhough this business long term plan is to capture overall Maldivian market for the ice products the start of the business will be small. Therefore the it need to take a local approach and asses the market arunoud the business in location. But in future expansion a national level approach must be taken. Business will be started from Male city and hulhumale as the population is higher in those places. And it will be a good location to cover the startup costs in a short period of time.
Competitive Factors
Being aware of the competitors wil help a newly started businesss to survive in the market. Researching
Macro Enviromental Influences
A Macro-economic environmental includes impacts which influence the whole economy of business. How much impact the macro economic issues has on an organization relies upon how entwined they are. A few components, for example, the economy, will gradually influence each and all business. In any case, organizations confronting monetary defeat, and possibly liquidation, are harmed more essentially than organizations in blasting businesses.
To do full macro-economic analysis, it’s wise to use precise devices which are worked for this particular examination. For this situation, it’s PEST Analysis
PEST Analysis inspects the impacts of political, monetary, social, and innovative components of a business. These variables can’t be controlled by firms specifically. However each factor influences any and each business, regardless of their industry.

Market segmentation and target markets
Through Market segmentation, Business can distinguish specialties with particular needs, develop markets to discover new customers, convey more engaged and viable promoting messages.
Demographics: Market can be segmented In any combination: gender, age, income, education, profession or even size. This business sells products which are related almost any part of the market. Even though its consumed any all the age groups or gender.

The Competitor Analysis
The most critical part of the marketing plan of an organization will be competitor analysis. Competitor analysis will help an organization to compare its produt with the competitive substitutes. And what advantages a business have over its copetitors. And also in which way the organization must act to achieve the target market.
Assess Competitors by putting them in vital gatherings as indicated by how specifically they compete for an offer of the customers dollar. For every contender or vital gathering, list their item or administration, its benefit, development design, showcasing goals and presumptions, present and past methodologies, authoritative and cost structure, qualities and shortcomings, and size (in deals) of the contender’s business

Key Competitors
One of the initial phases in building up a market for the business is identifying and analyzing most close competitors. This can be achieved through point by point statistical surveying. On the off chance that you don’t know who the rivals are, it is likely that another business or organization will pick up an upper hand. For instance, a business may have a more easy to understand site or offer a similar item at a lower cost. After identifying the competitors, business should remain current on competitors offers and items, with a specific end goal to remain focused in the business. The main competitors of the business will be a few retailers and wholesalers.

Barriers to Entry
Barriers to entry are factors that keep a startup from entering a specific market. In general, they include one of the five powers that decide the force of rivalry in an industry (the others are industry contention, the haggling intensity of purchasers, the bartering intensity of providers and the danger of substitutes). The power of competitors in a specific market decides the appeal of a market (that is, low force implies that the market is alluring).

Elements required as obstructions to section might be either guiltless (for instance, the commanding organization’s total cost advantage) or consider (for instance, high spending on promoting by occupants makes it exceptionally costly for new firms to enter the market).
Competitive advantage
A competitive advantage is a trait that enables an organization to beat its rivals. Upper hands inn a arket enables an organization to accomplish better edges looked at than its opposition and produces an incentive for the organization and its investors.
An upper hand must be troublesome, if certainly feasible, to copy. In the event that it is effectively replicated or imitated, it isn’t viewed as an upper hand.
Developing business strategy
The improvement of business techniques doesn’t need to be a long-term plan, work or staff-serious process that outcomes in an arrangement that sits on a rack gathering dust. Business systems can be created effectively by following a standard procedure concentrating on the advancement of objectives, goals, methodologies and strategies in light of true information.
Objectives The initial phase in the advancement of any business technique is the assurance of the objective, its coveted endpoint. The objective sets the phase for the advancement of measures and particular moves that the organization makes to accomplish these objectives. Along these lines, for example, the objective may be to “increment piece of the overall industry” or to “enhance consumer loyalty.”
Circumstance Analysis Once an objective has been built up and the arranging group comprehends what to do, data should be accumulated with the goal that the choices depend on strong realities and information. The circumstance investigation includes an audit of data interior to the association (about representatives, deals, clients) and additionally outer data (about contenders, the industry, the monetary atmosphere).
All the business development plans are not long term plans. The business must be developing every day. Even though costly developments may take time, but small development must be done in a near future as it brings a huge impact on business. As this business need a lot of development as it will be new to the market and customers expectation will be high from the business, and also to keep at the same level as the competitors.

Marketing 4ps
Product – The first of the Four Ps of advertising is Product. An item can be either an unmistakable decent or an impalpable administration that satisfies a need or need of buyers. Regardless of whether you offer custom beds and wood items or give extravagance facilities, it’s basic that business have an unmistakable handle of precisely what the product is and what makes it one of a kind before business can effectively showcase it.

Price – Once a solid comprehension of the item offering is set up we can begin settling on some estimating choices. Value judgments will affect overall revenues, supply, request and advertising procedure. Similar Products and brands may should be situated distinctively in view of differing value focuses.

Promotion – business have product and a price, currently it’s a great opportunity to advance it. Advancement takes a gander at the numerous ways advertising offices spread pertinent item data to buyers and separate a specific item or administration. Advancement incorporates components like: promoting, advertising, web-based social networking showcasing, email advertising, web crawler promoting, video advertising and then some. Each touch point must be upheld by an all-around situated brand to genuinely expand rate of return.

Place – Often customers will hear advertisers saying that promoting is in regards to putting the correct item, at the correct cost, at the ideal place, at the opportune time. It’s basic at that point, to assess what the perfect areas are to change over potential customers into real customers. Today, even in circumstances where the genuine exchange doesn’t occur on the web, the underlying spot potential customers are locked in and changed over is on the web.

Marketing strategy and resources

Sales forecast
Financial plans
Financial statements
Financial resources
Financial strategy
Organizational management
Key personnel resources
Human resource management strategy

Organization Structure
Form of business
Equity Positions
Critical risk contingencies


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