Meaning of value-added service as it pertains to patient care services Normally the term value-added is used by business or organization for service/services which proves to be a goods or service

Meaning of value-added service as it pertains to patient care services
Normally the term value-added is used by business or organization for service/services which proves to be a goods or service. This term is also used to refer to services done to a product and or service in order to tell it from competing products. In addition, to value with respect to patient care in a profit health care center is no different from other for-profit business-based organizations. Paradise hospital is a profit-based healthcare organization that offers services to its consumers. The added value in this case will be based on providing highly different services which makes the healthcare unique among the competitors.
Why it matters to add value to patient services
The addition of value into patient services serves various important roles. The first major role value addition plays are with competitive advantage. The goal in any profit-based business organization is to obtain a competitive advantage from other firms within the industry. There may be various advantages associated with having a competitive advantage. For instance, increase in customers flow is one major benefit of having a competitive advantage. With the increase in customers, it is obvious profits will increase and other types of revenues will be gained by the healthcare facility. Competitive advantage also increases the chances of a healthcare facility to understand the industry more than ever and this opens doors for chances of better success. Value addition is one great way of gaining a competitive advantage then showing the importance added value has to patient services.
Businesses benefiting from customers can also benefit from value addition. More often value addition is based upon improving products and services consumed by the customers. The consumers get that chance of enjoying products and services which are of higher quality. It is always the wish of every consumer to get goods and services of high quality at better prices. The healthcare center will most likely benefit from customer loyalty and leading to retaining the customers not to mention attraction of other customers that potentially would not have come.
‘Servitization’ is the other major importance of adding value to the services provided by Paradise Hospital. Servitization is a term derived in marketing which is used to refer to the move in which organizations are making from the simple selling of products towards offering solutions to the problems of consumers using the products. In such cases, an organization only produces products and engages in services which offer solutions to the problems experienced by the customers. This can only be achieved if the organization has studied its customer base and has known the problems affecting it. Through value addition, Paradise Hospital will be able to identify some of the most common health issues affecting its customer base and thus invest in resources which will ensure the services provided reflect on these problems (Kanungo 2016).
System for identifying functional areas in which changes might be necessary
There are different systems that have been developed to identifying areas which need changes within an organization. For companies or business organizations to end change is needed in certain areas assessments must be conducted in those areas. Paradise Hospital should use a hospital assessment checklist it’s the best system to use to identify the functional areas where changes are required.
The checklist has various categories in which the hospital feels based on how things are going with that category. This would be of a self-assessment survey and the hospital will be trying to determine some of the functional areas in which there not performing as per the standards stated in the checklist. The assessment will have the following categories: medical records, staff roles, resources, follow-up as well as billing (Lim ; Ting, 2012).
In medical records, the system will be based on finding out how the hospital stores their medical records each individual patient. Under staffing roles, the system will be finding out whether the professional staff in Paradise Hospital is qualified to provide care to their patients. The assessment will also check on whether the hospital has enough staffing to provide care to the patients. In resources, the system will be evaluating whether the hospital has enough resources required to carry out care activities; medicine and number of beds in wards are examples of resources which will be determined. On follow-up the system will check if the hospital has a way of reaching out to the patients once they have been treated and discharged back to their homes. Lastly under billing, the assessment will be looking at finding out the health coverage plans of patients and identify how patients are referred to Medicaid Programs if qualified.
Methods to acquire information
There are many types of information required to find the specified areas which need changes. Each type of information can be found using different methods. For instance, financial information is needed to understand how finance as a resource are used or can be used in Paradise Hospital. Financial information should be obtained from the financial controllers of this hospital; this can be the head accountant of Paradise Hospital. Statements from banks and other financial institution associated with Paradise Hospital should also assist in getting financial information.
Interviews can also be used in acquiring personal information with respect to the employees. Each person can be interviewed to draw a conclusion on whether they are competent in providing patient care services. Self-administered questionnaires can also be used in place of interviews. Either open ended or closed ended questions can be used in administering the questionnaire to gain both personal and organizational information. Process analysis is another method that can be used in obtaining information. This is an important method with respect resources as it can track the flow of resources from one region to another. This method is very critical as it can be used to improve processes by eliminating certain steps, altering, evaluating and re-organizing. All the above identified methods will be used in obtaining all the information required in identifying areas in Paradise Hospital that require change (Bakker ; Chakarian, 2011).
Four specific areas where the administration can add value in Paradise Hospital
One major area where the administration of Paradise Hospital can add value is the response management section. The hospital lacked resources with reference to emergency response. Emergencies can occur within any community at any time. Therefore, it is important for the hospital to invest in vehicles, more beds and in time invest in expansion of the hospital to improve response section. Proper equipment for managing emergencies will see the hospital adding value to its response section which is a crucial part of any hospital.
The general service section is another potential area Paradise Hospital should focus on. This involves all the services that Paradise Hospital offers to their patients who visit the facility for medication. The hospital should come up with ways providing customized medications that are characterized with better quality of pharmaceutical care. This will ensure patients enjoy better quality services now adding value to the general care.
The hospital can add value in respect to the contribution of care givers in developing their patients’ therapeutic plans. Once a patient has been treated by a doctor and medications given, it should be the responsibility of the doctors to check on the patients’ status. The care givers should make constant follow-ups to ensure the patients are healing as they should be.
Lastly, the administration should also focus on waste elimination around the premises of the hospital. Different kinds of wastes may be found within a hospital environment; some of these include solid waste, infectious wastes, pathogenic wastes and chemical wastes. The hospital should come up with best ways for disposal to create an enabling environment not only for patients but also for care givers to work in. No one would love to work or stay in a dirty filthy place; this would enhance a lot of value to the hospital.


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