-The medical economic journal was found that

-The medical economic journal was found that, cost of illness for multiple sclerosis in the health care in range from 8,500$ to 50,000$ and increase annually ( the ordinally cost of illness from 8,000$ to 11,000$ and now the cost of illness about 60,000$ annually ) -now, the new drug modified for treatment cost for multiple sclerosis is commonly enter market range between 25-60% and higher than the existed drug modified treatment -The direct medical cost the indirect medical cost represent 93.1% 6.9% out from the total costs
-THE direct medical cost (DMC) for multiple sclerosis is range from less than 15,000 $ to higher than 50,000$ annually
-The indirect medical costs are different from 3,726 $ to 19,264$
(the costs of outpatient visit is 3,443$ ,The prescription (DMC):it is cost is 1,834$ and The cost of inpatient hospitslization:1,546$ )
-the burden of patient with multiple sclerosis when is unemployment increase around 3.3 fold and days spend in bed increase around 4.4 fold
the cost of illness in Egypt :
-multiple sclerosis occur in age above 17 years old , it is spread is 13,07-100,000 from all neurological diseases , the patient number with multiple sclerosis about approximately above 40,000 patient
At ain shams university , the head of neurology department : doctor samira ashour said that: the patient who take treatment is cost from 2,000EGP to 3,000 EGP for 3-6 month for treatment
-it was unfortunately some people are unable to buy for treatment because it is cost is high around 4,000 EGP that make them unable to continuous treatment
the cost of illness in united statue (us) :
-the cost of illness with multiple sclerosis in 2008-2012 was 4 billion is nearly 9 billion annually, In US we can get the average annual cost per multiple sclerosis. The make a lot of studies but the most famous is 15 studies consist of 2 group 8 studies who presented on direct cost calculation and the other group 7 studies who presented on total cost MS reported by these studies include direct and indirect cost from 8528 to 54,244 patient per year on average direct cost 77% ranged (64-91%) of total cost and indirect cost 23% ranged (9-36%) of total cost. –in 1990: the burden of multiple sclerosis is approximately from 9,000 to 12,000 $ per patient annually , the price of agent continuous to grow and increase in price
-in 2004 : average burden for a patient was 16,050$ , the total price of care and exploit of service increase not only with high and good effect but and also with increasing cost average in health care ; the cost of moderate relapse intensity function and lack of ability is 30,000$ and with high relapse intensity and lack of ability cost 50,000$ and with sever lack of ability cost 100,000$.
-in 2012: average patient cost of illness was 30,000$ annually as it various with severity.
In middle east (multiple sclerosis found in 5 eastern countries)
The prevalence of disease appears to have increase markedly in recent decade with faster rate between female and male. Interferon was the most treatment use in the middle east and Egypt and MRI scanner lower use in the middle east they need more research about another treatment.
-in world wide : multiple sclerosis affect around 2.5 million patient


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