3. Project Planning
Role and Responsibilities:
Following are the prime work responsibilities assigned to each Project team members
Kanika Kanika-Construction Head
1. Getting permission from the authority
2. Do the Land surveying.
3. Drafting and design of the architecture structure.
4. Co-ordinate with subcontractors.
5. Laying down the foundations for the structure of apartments
6. Arrangement of Machines and Necessary equipment.
7. Management of Masonry Work.
8. Management of Labour and their expenses.
9. Arrangement of Raw-Materials.
10. Ensuring safety to Workers

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Gursharan Deep – Asst. Project Manager
1. Assist the Project Manager
2. All the documentation work related to project.
3. Managing the demand and relations with sponsors.
4. Developing the scope statement of the project.
5. Projecting the budget for the project.
6. Ensuring the business model of the project to be positive.
7. Managing the Overall cost of the project.
8. Scheduling the project.
9. Co-ordinate with other department heads.
10. Bridging the Low level operators to high authority people.
Jasmeet Singh-Electrical & Automation Engineer
1. Lay-down the Electrical structure to the apartments
2. Directing the Electrician according to needs of the project manager.
3. Installing the Sub-station and Control Room for controlling electrical equipment.
4. Managing the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.
5. Providing Automation to the apartments.
6. Managing the Internet and other networking system to apartments.
7. Facilitating the self-sustainable power source (solar-Panels) to apartments.
8. Providing back-up to electrical energy failure (Battery-Invertor set, Generators Etc.)
9. Installing safety facility for the occupants in case of emergency.
10. Installing intelligent security system.

Purva Arora-Quality Engineer
1. Design and Drafting of the interior work.
2. Lightening and Decoration of apartment’s external and internal area.
3. Managing the mechanical work.
4. Co-ordinate with Mechanical engineers.
5. Installation of lifts.
6. Management of kitchen appliances.
7. Co-ordinate with Plumber and Waste Management team.
8. Management of Community Park.
9. Management of cost of Interior works.
10. Ensuring the interior work must be completed in provided time.
Vanshita Sharma- Business Analyst
1. Monitoring the quality of material use for construction of apartments.
2. Testing the strength of apartments to withstand natural calamity like earthquakes or flood.
3. Monitoring the control of operations of all department.
4. Providing feedback and necessary changes required to the project manager.
5. Helping the HR team for providing quality resources to the working team.
6. Testing the performance of Electrical systems used in apartments.
7. Testing the HVAC and Network system of the apartments.
8. Checking the various mechanical units like Lifts, Plumbing work and Home appliances.
9. Fore sighting the risks involved during the whole projects.
10. Eradicating the obstacles and risk factors of the project.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Time Management:

Time Management gives the estimate duration of all the activities of the project which sum up for giving total time required to complete the project. Time Management plan provides the information about the activities and sequencing of activities according to which project will proceed. A schedule plan is formed which provides information to stakeholders about the progression of the various tasks. Also if any change required in any of activity, it will make everyone aware about the extra time needed to fulfil demand of that activity which may or may not consequent into a project delay.

Following AON (Activity on Node) Network gives a brief idea of time duration of every activity took for completion.

Activity # Activity Name Precedence
Activity Duration
(In Weeks) Start
Time End
A Site Selection — 1 1-Nov-2017 7-Nov-2017
B Design and Layout
• Architecture view
• 3-d Model of Construction A 2 7-Nov-2017 21-Nov-2017
C Collecting Material and Labor Availability A 2 22-Nov-2017 6-Dec-2017
D Foundation and Excavation processes of
• Prime Apartment Building
• Parking lot
• Community Park
• Emergency Support





E Quality Assurance Test of Foundation and Excavation work
1 09-Feb-2018 16-Feb-2018
F Sewage Work, Gas Pipelines, Water Pipelines E 3 17-Feb-2018 10-March-2018
G Construction work
• Instalment of Pillars and Beams
• Foundation of floors
• Stairs
• Lift Installation Location




H Quality Assurance Test of Constructional Work G 1 7-May-2018 14-May-2018
I Exterior Work and Designing
• Erection of Walls
• Painting
• Installation of window glasses
• Vertical Gardening




J MEP Engineering Job
• Mechanical equipment installation(Lifts, Exhausters)
• HVAC System installation (Air conditioners, Heating System Etc.)
• Plumbing Work
• Electrical System




K Quality Assurance Test of Exterior Work ; Designing and MEP Engineering Work I,J 2 3-Sept-2018 17-Sept-2018
L Interior Designing and Decoration
• Flooring
• Tiling
• Painting
• Lightening
• Wooden Work
• Kitchen and Bathroom utilities
• Interior decoration




M Quality Assurance Test of Interior Designing and Decoration
N Closing of Project M — 14-Nov-2018 —-

This AON network helped us to estimate the total project period which was about 12 months.
Human Resource Management plays a vital role in project completion on time, since appropriate amount of resources on each phase of the project are required which are managed by HR team.


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