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Group)A.B.C, Zemtoken (X.X.X. Group) A.B.C, Zemtoken (X.X.X. Group) A.B.C, Zemtoken (X.X.X. Group) A.B.C, Zemtoken (X.X.X. Group) A.B.C, Zemtoken (X.X.X. Group) Executive Summary Zemtoken is an incentivized, blockchain based open source transportation protocol and smart contracts extending the capabilities of Zemcars scalable and safety focused rideshare platform to enable a decentralized marketplace of various types of transportation, mobility data and insurance services with no associated middleman costs. Rideshare service for future autonomous vehicles and traditional vehicles with drivers is the first use case for which we provide a reference implementation. The same framework can be used for other services such as car share, car rentals, public transit, food delivery, network fleets, Internet of things apps, insurance and any vehicle providing transportation service from point A to B. Zemtokens common global transportation infrastructure allows everyone to participate in the ecosystem with open access whether it is basic services or value added services and everyone can contribute to its development. The data will be decentralized and secured for the common good. This benefits drivers, auto manufacturers, fleet providers, insurance companies, consumers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem by adding their assets such vehicles and data on the common network, exchange services and make money through new economic benefits of tokens. The cost savings are transferred to consumers and businesses. Zemtoken is powered by Zemcar which started with the vision to build the worlds most secure rideshare platform to solve transportation logistics for busy families including kids, women and seniors. Zemtoken extends it to adults, open sources common transportation protocol infrastructure and opens it for everyone. The most important parts of the mission are to make transportation ubiquitous, easy, eco-friendly, create choice, automate for decentralization and remove fragmentation without being dominated by a few very large centralized companies while keeping the safety and security at its core. Zemtoken commoditizes trust. Introduction The concept of the sharing economy is the peer-to-peer based activity of obtaining, giving, or sharing access to good and services. Alternative names for this phenomenon include gig economy, platform economy, access economy, and collaborative consumption. According to Wikipedia, Sharing economy is an umbrella term with a range of meanings, often used to describe economic activity involving online transactions. Originally growing out of the open-source community to refer to peer-to-peer based sharing of access to goods and services, the term is now sometimes used in a broader sense to describe any sales transactions that are done via online market places, even ones that are business to business. Airbnb for home sharing, Uber for ridesharing, EBay for online marketplace, are some of the examples of Sharing economy. In this paper we use rideshare as a primary example of Sharing Economy and an important part of Transportation Network. Technology has transformed transportation in last 10 years. In transportation 1.0, the customers have the ability to easily request and track rides and pay through cashless transactions using mobile devices. It has fundamentally revolutionized the way the way people use transportation and interact with public and private modes of transport. Businesses increasingly use technology through mobile devices and web to track and manage fleets of trucks. It is a proven success in rideshare segment within transportation but supplier relationships are its weakest list. Rideshare is controlled by a few large rideshare companies globally. They charge approximately 25 processing fee from drivers. They are commodity products, not safe, set pricing arbitrarily and do not allow choice of drivers. They are heavily subsidizing rides for customers and not profitable. They are bound to transfer costs to customers and increase fares soon. With the shift to autonomous cars, drivers will be unemployed with 100 fare going to large rideshare companies and making them more monopolistic with no new revenue benefit to Auto Manufacturers or even consumers. Auto Manufacturers are introducing their own version of car share products. For example, GM has a sales and rental business model. It has created a rental business known as Maven that helps people rend vehicles from GM. Similarly Tesla also has a car sharing platform called Tesla Network and BMW has similar application called Drive Now. The common issue is that they dont have access to large consumer base like Uber and Didi type of rideshare companies. The transportation market will be fragmented and a new way is needed to solve the challenges. With the evolution of technology in transportation, new challenges have emerged and require a fundamentally new way of thinking and we believe Blockchain technology with open, decentralized and secure access to data and services is the answer to it. Challenges This section introduces some of the challenges of the current infrastructure of the transportation in general and rideshare in particular is controlled by a few large centralized companies globally. They have increasingly become a hindrance to innovation and establishing a fair and secure online marketplace. The current rideshare model works on approximately 75-25 split with rideshare companies taking 25 off the top of each fare. They are not safe, set pricing arbitrarily to the detriment of consumers and sometimes drivers and do not allow choice of drivers. They are heavily subsidizing rides for customers with no clear path to profitability as published by financial times for Uber below but apply to all rideshare companies. There is no clear pathway I can see for Uber to go from a high-revenue growth company to a profitable company. Normally the story for start-ups is that as revenues grow economies of scale will kick in, but that story is tough to tell with Uber. says Aswath Damodaran, a professor of finance at the Stern School of Business. They are bound to transfer costs to customers and increase fares soon. The way data is used by rideshare companies raise serious privacy concerns. A quick google search on privacy issues Uber returns a snapshot of major data privacy concerns about tracking users in a centralized rideshare model. The users dont have any control over their data and dont get any monetary benefit. SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 1 Specifications of Uber privacy issues. Furthermore, Only 2 companies Uber and Lyft in US control 97.8 of market share. SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Figure 2 Uber and Lyft market-share in US. According to CNBC, Didi Chuxing, Uber of China, virtually owns Chinas taxi-hailing market with a 99 percent market share, according to its own numbers, and an 87 percent market share when it comes to hailing private cars. Ola and Uber in India control 94 market share with Uber at 50 and Ola at 44. The semi and complete self-driving car revolution is about to shift into overdrive. The signs are everywhere whether its autonomous technology through Artificial Intelligence becoming mature or autonomous cars on the streets of San Francisco or Singapore or gradual change of regulations and city infrastructure to support autonomous cars. Fewer eco-friendly cars will have far reaching implications with lesser greenhouse emissions, lower energy consumption, and better safety. With the shift to autonomous cars, drivers will be unemployed with 100 fare going to large rideshare companies and making them more monopolistic. Auto manufacturers simply sell self-driving cars to rideshare companies and dont get the benefit from the fares earned by those cars and value added services. They are introducing their own version of car share, rideshare and connected vehicle products to compete but the power is concentrated with rideshare companies due to volume and velocity. Public transit such as buses and subways are disjointed from rideshare and other transportation applications creating friction in the user experience as well as high cost of similar application common infrastructure. Similarly limo companies, network fleet management companies are building applications in silos. There is no true transportation marketplace where insurance providers, auto manufacturers can participate to sell their services and have direct access to cross-channel consumers and businesses. Some critics might say that Uber and Didis of the world are too well capitalized and too big to compete in rideshare and our answer is simple If the worlds largest banks like Citibank, Bank of America and Barclays with all their capital power, customer penetration and army of engineering teams were not able to stop crypto-currency (not only Bitcoin) and Blockchain revolution and now scrambling how to use it, then the commodity rideshare companies like Uber and Didi, whose business model is not profitable, have almost no chance of stopping something like Blockchain based transportation Zemtoken which is de-centralized, cheaper for customers and no cost to service providers with an opportunity to earn more through token economics Bottom lines is that the transportation market is fragmented, abused by a few very large companies. Transpiration 1.0 is a proven success but supplier relationships are its weakest list and can be very well solved with Transportation 2.0 by optimizing supply chain through Blockchain, Smart contracts and moving towards Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as a long term goal. b. Our Vision and Value Proposition Zemtoken introduces the worlds first true decentralized transportation marketplace where consumers and business access costless and safe transaction network supported with a safe value web of service providers and transportation applications. In Transportation 2.0, Zemtoken wants to enable consumers to have direct access to autonomous cars and safe drivers for transportation with almost no transaction cost, cutting the middleman and make it more affordable through a common protocol thus creating a truly decentralized and transparent transportation services marketplace. In the context of rideshare within transportation, we believe that booking a car for adults and majority of population is a commodity product, and the companys goal is to be the biggest and zero cost provider of that product. Our vision is to create a company which provides 100 of the fare to drivers by leveraging the two-sided marketplace which builds on blockchain and smart contracts reducing operating costs by 100x (From 25 to 0.25). Current rideshare companies bought growth through raising large pools of capital. We do so by changing the unit economics that fundamentally shift it to utility based model with incentives to grow the transportation network organically. The most important parts of the mission are to make transportation ubiquitous, easy, eco-friendly, create choice, automate for decentralization and remove fragmentation without being dominated by a few very large centralized companies while keeping the safety and security at its core. The New Transportation 2.0 is here And Ubers and Didis of the world cant Stop It c. A Need for Transportation Blockchain Transportation is a huge industry with diverse needs but there are some underlying requirements that are common among various applications and best solved with a blockchain optimized for transportation requirements. First lets look at what is Blockchain. Credit Suisse published a detailed report on Blockchain 2.0 and an excerpt is reproduced below in the Background section. Background on Blockchain Blockchain is a trust machine. As with bitcoin, cryptography is used to maintain a peer-to-peer distributed, time-stamped and immutable consensus ledger of all past transactions. Each transaction is similar to a ledger line item, which is then aggregated with others into a block of transactions – similar to a page of a ledger we are left with a chain of blocks, each connected to the last. As each block of transactions needs to be agreed upon by consensus to be added to the chain, transaction records cannot be forged, censored or reversed once a block is added, and transacting without trust in a counterparty or third party becomes possible. Business Architects and Analysts will find them useful for determining how to best exploit SOA to create timely, re-usable, agile business solutions. Smart contracts — These are self-executing commitments, fulfilment of which can be trusted. Obligations codified by smart contracts are easily replicable, and have the benefit of security, verifiability, translucency and immutability of the blockchain. We believe the transportation data (tracking, routing, video and more) generated by customers and drivers is owned by them and a better decentralized way is needed to store the data with unique and secure access as data owners as well as they should be rewarded for the use of that data by third parties. Access, use and payments for the mobility data can be best handled through blockchain. Autonomous vehicles are expected to comprise around 25 percent of the global market by 2040. We believe that autonomous vehicles as well as drivers with traditional vehicles will co-exist and the driving job of a driver will change to a different type of specialized service job in transportation industry. A good example is picking up kids or disabled seniors that require a human element. The drivers will become idle passengers and will provide services like health-care treatment, beauty salons and customized travel experiences thus ushering a new era of whats called Passenger Economy by Research Analytics. We will use rideshare service for future autonomous vehicles and traditional vehicles with drivers as the first use case for which we provide a reference implementation. The same framework can be used for other decentralized applications such as car share, car rentals, public transit, food delivery, network fleets, Internet of things apps, insurance and any vehicle providing transportation service from point A to B. This common global transportation infrastructure allows everyone to participate in the ecosystem with open access whether it is basic services or value added services and everyone can contribute to its development. The data will be decentralized and secured for the common good. The drivers, auto manufacturers, fleet providers, insurance companies, third party developers, consumers and other stakeholders can participate in the ecosystem by adding their assets such vehicles, fleets, applications and data on the common network, exchange services and make money through new economic benefits of tokens. The cost savings are transferred to consumers and businesses. At its core, Zemtoken is an incentivized, blockchain based open source transportation protocol and bunch of smart contracts extending the capabilities of Zemcars scalable and safety focused rideshare platform to enable a decentralized marketplace of various types of transportation, mobility data and insurance services with no associated middleman costs. Zemtoken is powered by Zemcar secure rideshare platform which is not just an idea on a white paper. We have a product, a tested platform in various cities in US and globally, and a brand that has been featured in many mainstream publications and media. It is the worlds most secure rideshare platform to solve transportation logistics for busy families including kids, women and seniors. Zemtoken extends it to adults by open sourcing and putting some key elements of common transportation protocol infrastructure on blockchain such as trust and security, social network effect, data privacy, security and sharing, unique identity, payments, dispute resolution, tokenized new rewards economy and opens it for everyone. Zemtoken commoditizes trust. Global Market Overview This portion is missing. Zemtoken Ecosystem Zemtoken is a blockchain based open source transportation protocol and smart contracts extending the capabilities of Zemcars scalable platform to enable a decentralized marketplace of various types of transportation services with no associated middleman costs. Rideshare service for future autonomous vehicles and traditional vehicles with drivers is the first use case. The same framework can be used for other services such as car share, car rentals, public transit, food delivery, network fleets, insurance and any vehicle providing transportation service from point A to B. This common global transportation infrastructure allows everyone to participate in the ecosystem with open access whether it is basic services or value added services and everyone can contribute to its development. This benefits drivers, auto manufacturers, fleet providers, insurance companies and other stakeholders in the ecosystem by adding their vehicles on the common network provide services and make money through tokens. The cost savings are transferred to consumers and businesses. Everyone will be rewarded by Zemtoken protocol. Services — Zemtoken will provide the following key services Exchange of transportation services from service providers to users for ZemToken Exchange of data between consumers and services providers for ZemToken Automatically assign or search transportation service providers in marketplace Provide marketplace of native and third-party applications An easy to use portal for third-party developers A transparent mechanism for governance Members — The Zemtoken ecosystem will have the following members initially but can grow in future Drivers Customers Auto Manufacturers Businesses Traditional Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles Fleet Management Companies Limo Companies Public Transit Insurance Providers Content Providers Technology Partners We will use blockchain network to decentralize and create a new economic system for following functions initially but with the current nascent blockchain technology and its rapid rate of evolution, we will evolve as the blockchain community evolves Trust, Safety and Security Decentralized Network — A trip from A to B requires trust between the service providers like drivers or autonomous vehicles and the customer. Currently the trust is intermediated by a central company through the brand and ratings. The central companies work hard to mitigate the disintermediation risk by cutting communication channels between drivers and customers and providing just in time profile information of service providers. They also have policies to discourage direct connection. A random driver is assigned based on location proximity and customers dont have control over who is assigned. We will make the service provider profile transparent create immutable trust and rating record and searchable by extending our trust technology to blockchain. Autonomous vehicles will also have a transparent trust and safety rating record on blockchain Data Privacy, Security and Sharing — In current transportation, users, drivers and vehicles generate tons of data around mobility such as location, routing, preferences, profile, video, spending patterns, traffic, vehicle usage, diagnostics etc. An autonomous vehicle generates 4 Terabytes of data per eight hours 5. The data is usually stored in central databases and producers dont have any much control over the privacy, security and use of the data. They dont get compensated for the use of this data. We will create a new model in which producers have control and access to the data in a decentralized manner and get paid for the use of the data through tokens. We will publish anonymized routing information in a decentralized and distributed network and provide open API access to centralized data stores. This data can be used for research and development and for the betterment of human kind. Identity Management and Authentication Split identity is a big issue with current internet and for every interaction with different applications and businesses requires a new silo identity and a silo way to authenticate, authorize and manage it. A single identity for all applications is the silver bullet for the new Blockchain enabled decentralized world but we will at least use a unique identity for a transportation user for the Zemtoken transportation protocol that can be used across various transportation applications. We can later bridge it with other Blockchain partners to achieve single user, single persona goal. Some interesting work has been done by various new Blockchain companies such as Gem and we will explore to partner as their solution matures. Payments, Promotions, Rewards, Escrow and Dispute Resolution Timely payments are critical to the success of transportation services and used for the payment services rendered in transport from point A to B. The customers are charged immediately after the trip and drivers are paid after a pre-defined period, usually weekly. In case of a dispute on the fare or services, the company acts as an arbiter and resolves it by adjusting the amount charged. Network fleet and business payments are more complicated as drivers work on behalf of the fleet. Insurance providers get paid at pre-defined periods, usually monthly, by central rideshare companies. Various applications within transportation have unique needs for payments. Miles travelled and time spent during ride, insurance coverage based on miles and rewards economic logic is tightly tied to payments in complicated ways. We provide a transportation centered Zemtoken payment and dispute resolution protocol for payments through smart contracts for services provided. Insurance providers also get paid through smart contracts after each ride. Each payment is added to the blockchain as a contract and linked to an escrow account and an arbitrator is assigned to it. If the ride ends without any dispute, escrow account will forward the funds to the driver or autonomous vehicle that performed the service. In case of dispute, it is forwarded to arbitrator and according to the decision, the funds are forwarded. Rewards — Customers and drivers have various choices for rideshares and in early days, its important to offer rewards, referral, loyalty and discount programs to build the transportation network. They help customers use the network on repeat basis. We will offer a comprehensive transportation centered rewards program for adoption and covered in detail later. Auto Self-Organizing Transportation Network Our goal is to provide a common decentralized transportation protocol based on blockchain and make it self-organizing through Artificial Intelligence and democratic voting mechanisms. We will make it as easy as possible and drivers smart contracts will automatically be set up after background checks as applicable geographically. A set of standard APIs and simple drag and drop features will be provided to create smart contracts through templates for Auto Manufacturers, Insurance Providers and Businesses. We will have marketplace of various transportation applications in Zemtoken ecosystem and some of them are described below. 1. Rideshare — Rideshare is easy to use ride from point A to point B and payment is cashless. The vehicle is owned by driver and provides the ride service. The blockchain can store data about driver or autonomous vehicle trust rating, data privacy and sharing, payments and rewards. We differentiate between a simple ride from point A to point B and value added services in rideshare as follows Commodity Rideshare — We define commodity rideshare as a basic ride from point A to point B with no special requirements. The customers dont care much about the type of service or vehicle. It can include individual vehicle ride or pool the same vehicle with other customers. The customers care about low price and willingness to pay is low but they still want convenience of mobile application and cashless transactions. The car could be a traditional car or autonomous car. Majority of the world population uses this service. Value Added Rideshare — Value added rideshare is a ride from point A to point B with special requirements. It can be a white glove service for children or seniors. The customers are not too much price sensitive and require a quality service. The type of cars may be special or luxury and the application features may be customized for unique user experience. It may include various bundled connected car features such as Wi-Fi, custom content, virtual or augmented Reality applications. Commodity rideshare will benefit more from decentralization and will be our primary initial use case. 2. Car share — In car share, popularized by Zipcar, the vehicle is owned by provider and customer drives it from point A to B and paying through a cashless transaction. It is less popular with the advent of rideshare but in still some use cases it is being used. The blockchain can provide functions such as remote locking and engine start up, payments and vehicles usage information. 3. Autonomous vehicles — Autonomous vehicles (AV) can be used for various applications such rideshare, car share, network fleet management, IoT apps and blockchain is suitable for safety and security information, accidents, vehicles usage information, payments and token rewards for miles and time. If there is no central intermediary, the data on blockchain can be trusted between various Auto Manufacturer vehicles. For example, BMW AV service level may be entirely different from General Motors. Auto Manufacturers can rent their fleets of Autonomous vehicles on the Zemtoken network and charge higher price for better service or car quality. Consumers can rent out their autonomous vehicles on Zemtoken network when its not in use. The sharing economy isnt all bad news for manufacturers of big-ticket items such as cars. Research suggests that in some circumstances, manufacturers can charge higher prices to customers who are planning to rent out those goods. Internet of Things has wide applicability in the cars and various applications and solutions are being developed for AV. A lot of vehicle usage data is generated by AV and can be shared with insurance companies through smart contracts for rewarding safe vehicles through lower premium. This data can also be shared with Auto Manufacturers and generating new revenue and incentive opportunities. 4. Network Fleets Management — Fleet management tracking systems track fleet of trucks for asset tracking, maintenance alerts, performance reporting and also use it for route optimization and dispatch, job order and progress in field service scheduling. Self-driving vehicles use Internet of Things technologies such as beacons and bar codes to transport materials from point A and B. We will use Blockchain to store and optimize the supply chain for fleets. We will provide smart contract templates that can be used for payments from business to business while utilizing the common services. 5. Limo companies — Limo companies can also easily offer the rideshare blockchain services as described above. 6. Public transportation — Public transportation, such as buses, subway, shuttles, trains etc., is fragmented and the user experience is disjointed from other applications such as rideshare. The common blockchain enabled decentralized protocol will get the benefits like other transportation applications. Zemtoken Protocol And Platform This section covers technical details of the software architecture of the platform and how Zemtoken protocol works for multiple applications and using rideshare as a reference application and implementation. Various components of the Zemtoken platform have already been developed and tested and some will be integrated with the blockchain and released according to the published roadmap section. Software Architecture — The ZemToken platform will be a decentralized peer-to-peer network of nodes that we refer to as Transport ZemAgents. The figure below illustrates the high level architecture of the ZemToken network Figure 3 Specifications of Zemtoken Network Architecture. Each ZemAgent, shall contain bundled software processes that will allow it to function as part of a dedicated transportation network. The primary purpose of each node shall be providing ride/car share services that shall be available for consumption by customers. Some nodes such as those maintained by Auto manufacturers, fleet managers and insurance providers shall not provide direct services to customer and only interact with other ZemAgent nodes such as drivers, autonomous vehicles, etc. The figure below highlights the detailed reference architecture of each ZemAgent node and the ZemToken platform Figure 4 Specifications of Zemtoken Transport Service Architecture. At a modular level, each ZemAgent will contain code that allows it service requests from customers and communicate with the blockchain network. The blockchain API layer will enable the node to interact with smart contracts. The Services API layer shall allow the nodes to communicate to an off-chain application that will manage all the necessary mechanics of the rideshare service. There also be a UI component that will be served to the users wishing to interact with each ZemAgent. The Transport ZemAgent blockchain interface will initially be implemented to interact with the Ethereum blockchain but there will be provision in the implementation ensuring that it can be seamlessly replaced with a custom blockchain in the future. The API will also incorporate interaction with a distributed data storage system. The API will allow the Transport ZemAgent nodes to establish a connection to the network and provide services to potential customers. Smart contracts will be deployed to establish a baseline for the transport agents. Account information will also be defined at this point to facilitate the payment processes. The Transport ZemAgent can later utilize the user interface to modify parameters for these smart contracts as per requirement. Payments, promotions, rewards and advertisement shall also be managed and provisioned through the ZemToken network. Trust Engine For Driver Recommendation And Assignment The Trust Engine shall be one of the most critical components of the ZemToken ecosystem. The primary purpose of the trust engine shall be to automate the assignment of drivers to customers that are determined to be the most trusted while mitigating the risk of violating a users security or privacy. Customers shall be able to select from a list of drivers based on the location of the ride or through the automatic selection and assignment of a driver based on factors such as the level of trust that the user has on the driver. Users shall send a request for ride to the engine through either a mobile app or personal computer. In the case of automatic assignment, the on-demand and scheduling service system shall compute the level of trust that the user has for each of one or more different drivers. In some examples, the computation of trust can be predetermined while in others the computation of trust is performed responsive to receipt of the users request for ride. The computation of the level of trust that a user has for a driver can be based on one or more factors, such as historical, geographic, interpersonal, social, personal, or behavioral factors, or other factors. These factors can be based on the learning of human behavior and how human beings develop trust for each other. These factors can be based on one or more trust related activities such as background checks, meeting a mentor, interviews, or collection and verification of personal information or documentation, or other activities. Some of the data related to the driver that is used in the computation of trust can be directly collected from the driver, e.g., during a driver enrollment process or during an occasional update process. Some of the data can evolve as the driver takes more and more rides. Data for the computation of trust is made available for the engine to consume. In the ZemToken platform, the level of trust that a user has for each of one or more drivers shall be represented by a circle of trust, which can have multiple layers. Each layer shall represent a defined level of trust which is different from the level of trust represented by each other layer in the circle. On the basis of the computation of trust, the on-demand and scheduling service system shall place one or more drivers each in an appropriate level of the circle of trust of a certain user. The placement of a driver in the circle of trust of a user can change over period of time. Users shall be able to add drivers to his/her circle of trust manually based on recommendations provided through this computation. The figure below illustrates how this may appear to customers in the application Additionally, the platform shall have provision for computing the level of trust that multiple users collectively have for each of one or more drivers is represented by a metric referred to as a trust barometer. A users trust for each of one or more drivers is represented by the trust barometer, the circle of trust of the user, or both. Each of one or more drivers is assigned a trust barometer value indicative of how much different users trust that driver. The figure below illustrates how the trust barometer value for a given driver may change over a period of time. SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Figure 6 Zemtoken Trust Barometer. The figure below shows the trust barometer will appear for a customer in the app. SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Figure 7 Zemtoken Trust Barometer for customer. Responsive to receipt of a request for ride from a user, a driver is automatically selected and assigned to the user for the ride request that the user generated. The selection of the driver can be based on the position of the driver within the users circle of trust, the drivers trust barometer value, or a combination of both of these trust metrics. For instance, the most trusted driver, according to the circle of trust, the trust barometer, or both, can be automatically selected and assigned to the user. If the most trusted driver is not available for the requested ride, then the system can automatically assign a backup driver, such as the second most trusted driver, to the user. The backup driver can be automatically assigned as a backup driver for that ride. The user can be informed about the primary driver and the back-up driver through the app, and information about the primary driver and the back-up driver can be shared with the user through the app as well. This information may include the drivers full names, their photographs, details about the car each driver uses, a photo of that car, or other information. If the primary driver assigned to the user for his requested ride is not able to pick the user up on time, then the back-up driver is informed by the system and is sent the users pick-up location. While not all trust barometer parameters will be kept on-chain, it will be the objective of the ZemToken platform to maintain as much trust data on the public blockchain network while ensuring that personal information, trusted relationships and social connections, etc. are not stored on the public ledger. Trust barometer information such as those given below will be maintained on the ledger for provenance 1. Service Ratings as a user (as driver and customer) 2. Platform training scores 3. Number of customers who have interviewed the driver with average ratings 4. Number of customers who have recommended the driver 5. Number of customers who fully trust the driver 6. Number of trips provided by the driver 7. Number of references provided 8. Overall driving experience 9. Current service status These factors are built from learning of human behavior and how humans develop trust on other human beings. Past experiences influence how much people trust each other. Factors that stimulate how humans develop trust on fellow human beings include a history of individual interactions. Generally, one trusts others if he/she is used to be treated fairly by his/her fellow human beings. One may also have more trust in people who are similar to himself, like family, friends or members of the same social, racial or ethnic group. People may trust more others with whom they have had longer interactions as they expect cooperative behavior in the future interactions 3. We will have an algorithm that issues trust based tokens from a reward tokens wallet for both service providers and customers based on how much they interact with the system. Drivers, for example, will be rewarded with tokens based on favorable feedback, better ratings and social interactions. To determine social interaction we will be using the number of likes received, interviews conducted, recommendations received, number of customers who have trusted the driver 2. Similarly customers will also be rewarded with tokens (from the reward tokens wallet) for using the service by developing their trust networks (like interviews, recommended, trusted, etc.). Since these activities will require interaction with smart contracts there will be a minimal charge associated to these actions which will be incurred due to mining and transaction fees. This implicitly ensures that we do not have users who are not using the app properly and it also deters drivers from increasing their trust ratings illegally Augmented Driver Screening Process — Zemtoken driver or autonomous vehicles can earn more tokens by making themselves available for ride services. They will be rewarded for good behavior on the network e.g. stay safe while providing ride services and not getting into accidents or providing bad service. Drivers or autonomous vehicles have the choice to set their own schedule or price and override published price. They can control not to travel too far by easily setting up their service radius to accept rides. They receive 100 of their tips Before permitting drivers to provide transportation services, they are screened through an augmented automated machine learning enabled technology which includes several activities such as License — At the time of registering with Zemtoken network, drivers license details are provided and processed for verification. Car Insurance — The drivers also provide car details and insurance and their motor vehicle record is processed Background Check — Drivers are required to provide additional information to run automatic background check and verify drivers suitability to register as a Transport Zemagent. Figure 8 Zemtoken Driver Onboarding The ZemToken platform will benefit from the extensive driver screening process devised for Zemcar and automate processes to reduce human interaction. The process of validating uploaded documents such as license and vehicle insurance shall be done using an AI assisted algorithm which will reduce the level of interaction required by a back office employee. After signing up with ZemToken, the user will have the option to start the screening process. The driver onboarding will be simple and straightforward with everything automated. Once an applicant has provided the drivers license, vehicle and insurance details, they will be requested to provide additional details regarding their identity. This will include national identification credentials so that a thorough background investigation can be performed. Details on social online presence may also be requested to further corroborate the identity of the applicant. An automated background check shall be performed based on the details provided and based on the results of that step the driver shall be enabled for service by enrolling them on the ZemToken network. A background check stamp will be visible to customers depending on the results of background check. In some countries, background check might not be possible and will be indicated on the driver profile. Beyond that point the drivers will be required to watch a series of informative tutorials guiding them on the use of the ZemToken platform and how to ensure their safety and that of their rides. Autonomous Vehicles — The ZemToken platform will also incorporate a rating, selection and automatic assignment engine that caters for the unique needs of Auto OEMs looking to introduce autonomous vehicles into the car share or rideshare network. Since traditional trust factors listed above do not equate well with the dynamics of the autonomous vehicles we shall be introducing a rating/feedback system to benchmark autonomous models. These ratings will correspond to the level of autonomy offered by the particular model and shall be intended to reflect the customers expectations and degree of satisfaction. Some of the factors included are listed below but additional will be added depending on requirements Third party safety rating Level of automation (Level 1 to Level 5) of accidents of trips of vehicle initiated cancellations Vehicle condition Customer satisfaction ratings and reviews Ride and Driver Tracking — The ride and driver tracking subsystems will be managed by off-chain infrastructure that will handle real time location data received from the participating Transport ZemAgent nodes and forward the required data to customers. Customers shall be able to specify a rider other than themselves for service for on-Demand and scheduled rides. In-ride communication shall also be available through voice or chat based peer to peer subservices. In the case of scheduled rides, they shall be able to receive notifications and reminders allowing them to align availability for each ride beforehand 1. When a user requests a ride, the user can provide secure text, audio, video instructions/permissions for pick-up. Audio or video instructions can be recorded according to one or more configurable business rules specifying that the audio or video length can be no more than, e.g., 10, 15, or 20 seconds. Configurable business rules can specify criteria related to where the driver is allowed to view the instructions or permissions, the number of times the driver is allowed to view the instructions or permissions, the amount of time the driver is allowed to spend viewing the instructions or permissions, or other criteria3. ZemToken will enhance the safety and security of a rider by monitoring live video of the ride in a peer to peer network and tracking the ride on the map. Once the driver arrives, the on-demand and scheduling service system starts capturing live video of the rider through the drivers device and broadcasting the live video to the customer, to an operations center of the service provider and/or any to other individual designated by the user to watch the video streaming of the ride. Interfaces will be made available to the user, to a customer support center, and/or to other individuals selected by the user to enable monitoring his/her rider by watching live video streaming. The on-demand and scheduling service system enables the user or another viewer to track the accurate location of the ride by following its route on the map. The video of the rider recorded during the ride can be stored in the functional database of the on-demand and scheduling service system and can be utilized in situations like accidents and other emergencies, or can be streamed but not stored. We will also look into the possibility of storing the video and ride (including routing) data on a distributed file storage solution as well and for this we utilize one of the following solutions with our current preference for IPFS. This data will be owned, controlled through private keys access and selectively shared by consumers earning tokens for sharing. IPFS Storj SIA BigchainDB Payments — ZemToken platform utilizes a payment smart contract to allow customers to pay Transport ZemAgents, share ride fares between drivers, fleet managers and service providers, pay Auto OEMs for autonomous vehicles and share advertisement royalties 2. Based on the payment scenario, the amount shall be escrowed by the smart contract for a certain amount of time 1. If the transaction is not disputed beyond a predefined date, the token share will be distributed amongst the involved parties. This date will be identified clearly too all participants at the time of the transaction. Provisions shall be put in place to handle ride cancellations by either the customer or driver. Drivers shall be recompensed based on how early a customer cancels a scheduled ride. The drivers will also have the ability to make their services more lucrative to customers by selecting the compensation levels in case they cancel the ride. The payments engine will also employ a dispute resolution mechanism that allows customers or Transport ZemAgents to contest the payments. Initially this will utilize a centralized dispute resolution mechanism but in the future a decentralized dispute resolution smart contract shall be deployed in which case the arbitration parties how will decide the outcome of the dispute through a democratized voting mechanism. The payment smart contract will also be employed to allow fleet managers and auto OEMs to pay for use of the platform on a monthly basis and, if required, manage the burn of tokens to control the supply of tokens released as rewards. Promotions, Loyalty, Referral and Rewards Program — Promotions and Reward programs are an integral part of the ZemToken platform and Transport ZemAgents will be provided maximum opportunity to incentivize their services to customers. ZemToken shall allow ZemAgents to set up discount-based promotions using Smart Contract which they can promote through the platform. Larger players in the system like Auto OEMs and fleet owners will also be able to offer rewards to repeat customers. The rewards engine will make use of a Rewards wallet that will initially hold 30 of the total token supply. The rewards made available to customers and drivers will be proportional to the category of the reward and the total amount of tokens available in the reward wallet. Loyalty programs allow customers to become repeat ride customers and tokens allow a suitable method to reward long-term customers. Smart contracts will ensure that customers are eligible for rewards as well as keep an audit trail of loyalty payments. Zemtoken, Third party application developers, Auto Manufactures, Insurance companies can set the rules for reward type such as amount, expiration, type and eligible products 3. Referral program is the most effective and cheap method to create new customer. Both customers and driver can refer new users and will be reward after pre-defined rides in the Smart Contract. More reserve tokens will be used initially for referrals to stimulate initial growth. Categories — We will use two categories of campaigns Dynamic Campaigns — Dynamic promotions will enable a ZemAgent to provide incentives to customers based on repeated usage with a particular driver or fleet. Static Promotions — This will include discount and credit promos that will reduce the fare for customers but drivers and fleet managers will still receive the fare based on the actual distance and duration of the ride. Roles and Incentives Rider — Riders are incentivized to invite friends and use Zemtoken more. e.g. if user refers a friend as user, he/she can get free credits, discounts or free rides by mining additional Zemtokens if their friends use the Zemtoken Network for rides Driver — Drivers are also incentivized for creating more buzz about Zemtoken. e.g. if driver refers a friends as driver, he/she can get Zemtoken rewards after the referred driver signs up and provides rides covering certain miles and time. Fleet Managers and Auto OEMs — In addition to the initial supply of tokens, the reward wallet will be fed with additional tokens provided by fleet managers and Auto OEMs in exchange for their continual access to the ZemToken network. Below are some examples of promotion scenarios and types but additional promotions will be added through smart contracts. Promotion Scenarios Customer Subscription A new customer signs up due to a Zemtoken promotion Referral referrer only Only the referrer gets Zemtokens by referring someone to join and use the Zemtoken Network Referral both parties Both the referrer and referee get Zemtokens by referring someone to join and use the Zemtoken Network Become a driver – A new driver signs up due to a Zemtoken promotion Promotion Types Promo ScopePromo TypePromo Type DescriptionIndividualZero RatedGlobal code that does not charge customer and driver is not paid. The Service not available screen does not appear in application. The third party developers can use these codes for testing, e.g. ride testing with internal (test) drivers or external drivers who are willing to help without any charge.GlobalDriver or Autonomous Vehicle PaidGlobal or Individual code that does not charge customer, but driver or autonomous vehicle is paid through reserved ZemToken. This promo will be used to increase customer adoption.Percentage DiscountGlobal or Individual code that charges customer ZemToken partially and driver is paid in full through a sum of Customer and reserved ZemToken. This promo will be the most commonly used. Percentage Discount can be up to 100 of the Actual Fare (excludes tips, tolls, and other fees). A maximum credit per ride, e.g., 10/ride, may be set even if the ride Actual Fare is more. The remaining balance is customer paid. The number of rides allowed per individual or group may also be limited and the code may only be valid for a specified period of time.CreditSimilar to a Percentage Discount, but with a specific dollar amount discount per ride. Because of the greater discount flexibility of the Percentage Discount, the Percentage is the preferred promo.No Service ChargeThis type of promo is for drivers or autonomous vehicles only. No service charges are deducted from their earnings and they can keep all of the ride fare which they drive. This promo would not include the service charge being credited to Zemtoken reserve or to be used in the fare calculation and driver share. Drivers or Autonomous Vehicles Manufacturers can promote themselves by using their ZemTokenService AvailabilityThe promo code is used to order a ride outside of a local service area in a town where the service is not officially offered yet. The code is used for both testing the service as well as given to individuals outside the current service area to allow them to order rides if a driver or autonomous vehicles is available in their area. This is used before a city or Country launch and Zemtoken reserve will be usedAmbassadorAn Ambassador promo is used to promote and track campaigns and referrals using reserved ZemToken. Incentives may be paid for signups or individual Drivers bringing in their own customers and/or drivers. Advertisements– The user facing applications shall have the facility to serve targeted advertisements to users based on preferences. Content providers will be able to purchase ad space using ZemToken acquired through an exchange or through the ICO. A smart contract will be generated to govern the terms of the ad contract. Customers will earn a fraction of a token for watching the ads. Deployment of Zemtoken– The ZemToken platform will initially be rolled out using the existing Ethereum blockchain, with smart contracts developed in Solidity. The smart contracts will be constructed with efficiency in mind so as to minimize the cost of gas used in the mining process. Participants of the ZemToken network will communicate through the off-chain services layer with interaction to the blockchain defined through the use of smart contracts. Endpoints such as the Transport ZemAgents and customer facing applications that can interact with the ZemToken network shall have custom built applications based on the role play in the network. Drivers and customers will be able to interact with the service using mobile apps and web pages. Fleet managers, auto OEMs and Insurance providers shall have access to a web-based application which they will use to manage drivers and vehicles and initiate smart contracts that they can use to reward their customer base. We will provide drag and drop templates of smart contracts to all business partners 2. Analytics– ZemToken will provide a framework that allows it to offer anonymized data like usage, social networking, etc. for the purpose of driving reporting and development of AI algorithms by 3rd party developers. The ZemToken platform shall be able to monetize this facility which can be utilized by interested 3rd party developers, academia, auto OEM (autonomous human-operated) and fleet managers. Customers will be rewarded in tokens for sharing the anonymized data. The platform will also provide a 3rd party analysis and visualization framework for ad analytics to monitor delivery of location aware advertisements during rides. This framework can be used by any application developed using ZemToken protocol. Artificial Intelligence The ZemToken is expected to make heavy use of custom built and off-the-shelf AI algorithms. We plan to partner with Blockchain based AI Marketplaces such as Singularity Net. The primary use for these algorithms will be the following Automated License validation An AI program will be deployed to derive text, numeric, and date information from the uploaded image of the drivers license and validate through AI that information provided is correct. This will include information such as full name, unique identification number, address, gender, race, date of birth, validity period, etc. Fraud Detection in payments With the amount of transactions being processed and token rewards tied to transportation i.e. online availability, miles driven and time spent on providing rides, it is becoming increasing important to utilize Artificial Intelligence to detect transportation payment related fraud. For this reason the ZemToken platform will utilize AI to identify fraudulent payment activity. Payments will be scanned in real-time to detect and potential fraudulent activity will be marked for further review and passed on to arbitration process. Arbitration A long term objective of the ZemToken platform is to completely automate the process of payment arbitration using machine learning and analytics. This will be achieved through the use of multiple AI algorithms that will determine the outcome of a dispute with varying assumptions 3. In the initial rollout of the feature, selected arbitrators will be provided with potential solutions. The payment will be held in escrow until both the parties agree on the dispute resolution. Later on this will be completely automated with the system of trained AI arbitration agents replacing the need for manual arbitration and the system will directly apply the optimum resolution from a given set of solutions. The AI arbitration agents will stake tokens and will be rewarded for accurate and fast arbitration decisions and penalized for inaccurate and slow decisions. A basic use case is that customer disagrees and complains about fare, a dispute is created and handed over to a few AI arbitration agents, and they evaluate the claim, vote and decide based on majority and release payment from 0 to 100 dependent on the penalty. Location aware precision marketing To ensure focused marketing, the ZemToken platform will analyze location data to present customers with targeted messages. As a future functionality, the ZemToken will also allow 3rd party developers, researchers to obtain anonymized location data (in exchange for tokens) to further develop new algorithms and AI solutions. In the longer term, we will also consider the possibility of establishing partnerships with companies such as AdEx and Basic Attention Token that are blockchain-based ad exchanges targeting to disrupt the existing online advertising landscape by providing solutions for privacy, fraud and consent to receiving advertising 4. Interfaces THIS PORTION IS MISSING Roadmap Our business and product development roadmap is given below DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP 2016 Safe rideshare platform MVP built on Node.js and applications for Android and IOS Filed 2 patents and Alpha testing completed 2017 Product/market fit completed and launched with worlds first video monitoring and social network based circle of trust added for driver selection and assignment with scalable architecture. World class leadership team comes together to take rideshare safety to next level. Completed Blockchain based Decentralized Marketplace plan Expand Partnerships with Auto Manufacturers and Enterprises Q1 2018 Zemtoken conducts the ICO Whitepaper completed and released Integrate with KYC Platform Q2 2018 Zemtoken open sources trust technology to use on blockchain. Develops infrastructure for new blockchain Application and Platform enhancements and SDK for ecosystem development. Q3 2018 Milestone 1 – Launch basic rideshare MVP in Boston, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentine Implement Zemtoken Trust and Payment Protocols Smart Contract templates on ERC20 Blockchain Ad platform integration Q4 2018 Development of Marketplace Web Portal Partnerships with key Auto Manufacturers Autonomous Vehicle Integration with Rideshare app Integration with currency conversion protocols 2019 Milestone 2 – Add additional platform support for Autonomous Cars, Insurance Providers and other stakeholders and launch in 1 city Launch Rideshare in 5 Cities in US and Globally First Third party developer application (car share) Launch additional transportation applications in 5 cities Launch scalable and native transportation centric blockchain 2020 Milestone 3 – Launch 50 Metro Cities in US and 25 Globally Support majority third Party applications and services for transportation Expand Auto Manufacturers, Insurance and Business Partnerships. Potential Technology Partnerships We strongly believe that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We will only focus on developing core technology for transportation protocol 5. If a product or service is already implemented and satisfies our requirements, we will partner with them. We are already with interesting discussions with some potential partners listed below MIT Media Labs, Center for Transportation and Logistics and Urban Mobility Lab The founding team is from MIT and Harvard and connected to the MIT innovation. We will lean heavily on latest research and MIT ecosystem in transportation, supply chain, autonomous cars and artificial intelligence. Gem An enterprise blockchain company providing one identity management. We can use it for a single unique identity across blockchain. Aion A blockchain 3.0 company designed for multi-tier blockchain system designed to address unsolved questions of scalability, privacy, and interoperability in blockchain networks. We can use it interoperability and communication with other blockchain once we move to native transportation blockchain. Economic Space Agency A company developing Gravity, a distributed computing architecture that emphasizes both resilience and interoperability, enabling a new way to create smart contracts 4. We can use their smart contract templates to accelerate development and the human brain trust across various fields such Economic Theory, AI, Blockchain etc. LevelK A consulting company that specializes in building decentralized applications and smart contracts and back-end development of successfully designed blockchain. Economic Incentive of Zemtoken Issuance Details Usage — ZemToken reserve will initially be also used to run background checks where app. Adoption Growth And Operations Strategy Token Sale Start date 1100 AM (GMT) on December 4, 2017 Payment methods BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer) Soft cap 20,000 ETH Hard cap 60,000 ETH Token exchange rate 1 ETH 300 INS tokens Total token supply (max) 50,000,000 Min purchase 0.1 ETH Bonuses Summary — Following are the main points. The exact number of tokens generated depends on the amount of funds contributed No token creation, minting or mining after the end of the ICO period Tokens will be transferable once the ICO is completed If the soft cap is not reached, funds will be returned to the participants Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will end immediately LINK Excel.Sheet.12 Book1 Sheet1R2C5R7C8 a f 4 h MERGEFORMAT Contribution amountabove 100 ETH 10 – 100 ETH below 10 ETHDay 12522.5020.00Day 2- 7 2017.5015.00Week 2 107.505.00Week 300.000.00 The token distribution is proportional to the number of INS tokens generated LINK Excel.Sheet.12 Book1 Sheet1R3C4R4C7 a f 4 h MERGEFORMAT ICO participantsTeam (subject to vesting and lockup)Advisors, early supporters, bountyReserve Fund6015520 INS teams tokens are locked for 2 years with four 6-month vesting periods Advisors and early supporters tokens are locked for 6 months The Reserve Funds tokens distribution will start in 2019 and last for up to 2 years with the primary goal to incentivize new customers to join and accelerate adoption of the INS ecosystem by broad audiences. Bounty Referral Campaign ActivityReward as of tokens purchasedReferrals5 Referral reward to a referral link owner is 5, based on the number of tokens purchased using the referral link. Those who bought tokens using a reference link receive an extra 3 bonus. At the end of the ICO all sold tokens are considered to be 60 of the total supply, 15 is distributed to the INS team, 5 – to advisors, early supporters and bounties receivers. The remaining 20 of tokens will be held in the Reserve Fund. Tokens from the Reserve Fund will be used wisely to reward new customers to join the ecosystem and accelerate adoption 4. Token Sale Proceeds — The funds raised during the ICO are planned to be used in accordance with the roadmap. Our roadmap assumes development of all features for the INS platform and feature-rich apps and interfaces for all ecosystem participants, as well as a strong sales and marketing support to accelerate adoption by manufacturers and consumers. Research Development costs cover all RD expenses, including design and development of smart contracts, cryptographic mechanisms, the INS platform, apps and interfaces, SDK, etc. includes opening of an RD center with approximately 35 engineers. Admin Operations costs include salaries of all INS employees excluding the RD team. Marketing Sales budget will be allocated on acquisition of both manufacturers and consumers. Legal costs include all legal expenses associated with expansion of the INS ecosystem in different countries. Contingency fund is calculated as 5 of the total budget. KYC — The tokens are not being offered or distributed to, as well as cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to citizens of, natural and legal persons, having their habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in the country or territory where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or in any manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations, 37 or will become so prohibited or restricted at any time after this Agreement becomes effective (Restricted Persons). We do not accept participation from the Restricted Persons and reserve the right to refuse or cancel the INS token purchase requests at any time at our sole discretion when the information provided by the purchasers within the KYC procedure is not sufficient, inaccurate or misleading, or the purchaser is deemed to be a Restricted Person. Team Core Team Advisors Identified Risks Zemtoken Core Concepts While the definitions and expressions may differ slightly, the open standards organizations referenced in this document agree on the following fundamental concepts of Zemtoken Framework Zemtoken — Support thinking and organizing in terms of services with distributed capabilities which may be under the control of different ownership domains, and is an architectural style as well as a paradigm for business and IT architecture. Service Services correspond to repeatable activities that can be characterized as capabilities or the access to capabilities, that capabilities satisfy specific needs, that services are self-contained, that services are described, and that access and interaction with services are constrained by policies and contracts. We agree that the service implementation is opaque to service consumers who interact with the service. Effect (or real-world effect) Interacting with services has a purpose and therefore has some outcome which potentially provides exchange of value between consumers and providers. Visibility Participants, more specifically providers with capabilities and consumers with needs, are able to interact with each other. We agree that availability of service descriptions and policies support these interactions. Service Description Services are described with sufficient information in order to determine whether they meet the needs of prospective consumers as well as how to access and interact with them, including but not limited to interfaces, information models, policies, and contracts. Policies and Contracts Service policies represent some constraint, condition, or expectation on the use of services represented by a consuming participant or commitment of a providing participant, and that service contracts represent an agreement by two or more parties. Execution Context In order for services to be invoked, there must be an established path between consumers and providers. In other words, to realize described effects, consumers and providers must acknowledge and comply with a consistent set of agreements in order to have a successful service interaction. Interaction There is some activity involved in making use of capabilities offered by services in order to achieve desired effects. People We agree that Zemtoken governance involves roles including stakeholders, where the stakeholders may include organizations, boards, and other groupings that facilitate defining and assigning the responsibilities of governance. Technology We agree that it includes technology for enabling Zemtoken governance. We agree that Zemtoken governance should provide guidance to and ensure that Transport infrastructure used as part of Zemtoken is used according to policies, rules, and regulations. Checkpoints We agree that checkpoints identified stop points to check for governance compliance can be used to enable governance of SOA solutions. Metrics We agree that metrics should be identified and collected to support compliance and monitoring. We agree that metrics should be available to relevant stakeholders. Artifacts We agree that governance is supported by artifacts which include service descriptions, policies, and documentation on the governance regimen and governing processes. References Papers and Briefings 1 Anushree Bhattacharyya Published July 27 Financial Express Uber India market share jumped to 50 pct in January-June period Ola at 44 pct 2 June 1, 2017 Intel Predicts Autonomous Driving Will Spur New Passenger Economy Worth 7 Trillion 4 MIT Sloan Management Review December 08, 2017, Frieda Klotz Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy Formal Specifications, Standards, and RFPs 5 HYPERLINK https//www.ft.com/content/09278d4e-579a-11e7-80b6-9bfa4c1f83d2 https//www.ft.com/content/09278d4e-579a-11e7-80b6-9bfa4c1f83d2. Fig 5 Zemtoken Interface bbMR0klDE1DcCrnog33jhhhhhhhhhhh4JWzoG_bD-gB)sUk2ZYgCtzi2V.r.rkgBnrA_ sZLR7l5Cnhwmv
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